NHS to get a big cash increase

The NHS is to get £36 Billlion. I wonder how much of this will go to the ‘grass roots’ NHS or will most of it be spent on salieries for yet more new executives. Online job adverts for executives reveal that new executives will be paid an average of £223,261 per annum.

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Have you got a link to the report?

Never mind a link to the report, post a link to the advertising of these £223k jobs so I can apply!

Throwing money at the NHS is not necessarily the answer as there is massive wastage everywhere mainly caused by red tape and archaic buying practics where a toilet roll can cost three times what you and would pay. Where basic maintenance is a massive logistical nightmare, want a squeaky wheel sorted on a piece of equipment tga will be three months and cost £150 and that is a true story.
Companies see the NHS as the goose that laid the golden eggs and price their goods accordingly.



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I think the OP is referring to the “Metro” report but I cannot see the detail because AdBlocker cuts in.

Omah. That report was in the Daily Mail. I agree with what others have said and that is that the NHS wastes £Millions. they throw away equipment rather than repair it. When I came out of hospital I was given a zimmer frame and a pair of elbow crutches. I no longer need them but will the hospital take them back? No. .

Do you mean this?

This one?

That’s the one.

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@BigBen , They allready employ more administrators than medical staff, which
is part of the problem imo??
Far better to give the medical staff ,and particularly the lower grades a
worthwhile increase at last,(not the pittances they have been recieving
recently), This would also encourage recruitment and improve morale !!
If there is £36 Billion going spare spend it where it is needed not where there
is allready over staffing ??
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That’s twice the amount Boris and his cronies promised so many years ago. (I am presuming that is 36 billion per annum)

“the NHS and social care” is the clue. The NHS is one thing, social care another.

Absolutely. I don’t know why they decided, relatively recently, to lump the two together.

Of course, in any event, I have the distinct feeling that whatever money Boris might offer the NHS, it will end up being soaked up by the bureaucrats: new offices, new computers, more forms, certainly even more penpushers!

I don’t think it’s that simple. There’s clearly a lack of management rather than too much! They are too thin on management and too heavy on optimistic faith in £’ss being the solution.

I wondered what you were talking about when you mentioned Social Care but now I know.

First time I’ve watched him, seems to make sense to me…

@AnnieS , l think you should have put it differently ,
“There’s clearly a lack of management, but also clearly an excess of managers”
Would have been more accurate Annie ??
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There is a restructuring going on during the pandemic :

This was all planned before the pandemic of course :