Newbie here!

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Hi everyone I am Cindy from Arkansas!!

Hi Cindy! Welcome! I’ve got some online friends from Arkansas! From Benton, Cabot and Little Rock.

Welcome Cindy :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome Cindy, enjoy your time on here. :slight_smile:

Hello Cindy :slight_smile: a warm welcome to Over50sForum…

Hi Cindy from Arkansas, welcome to the forum.

Hey there, Cindy! I visited your state a few years ago, took my Mom there for Mother’s Day to see the Clinton Library, and loved both the countryside and the friendly people!

Glad you are here! Welcome. :slight_smile:

Hello Cindy :slight_smile: welcome…

Welcome Cindy.

A warm welcome from me Cindy.

Good morning Cindy darlin’ and welcome.

Are you still with us Cindy?

Ciderman those are all south of me…I am in NE Arkansas and thank you!!!

Thank you all so very much…havent been able to visit back here but thanks for the warm welcome…if I can figure out the right way to respond to messages that will be great lol!!! Have a blessed day!!!