New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says she will resign and not seek re-election

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern is resigning.

I like Jacinda Ardern - she was like a breath of fresh air in politics - but I’ve noticed her popularity has been waning in New Zealand as they are facing similar economic problems as the rest of the World.

If she doesn’t think she can lead her party to win the next election, at least by stepping aside now, she is giving a new party leader the chance to get settled into the job and organise their campaign for the general election due in October.

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Good for her, best step aside, shows awareness not to go into the history books as a Lame Duck.

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I like her too, I think she did very well, and her country can be proud of her, unlike our lot, Johnson in particular, who shamed us

These are tough times and whoever’s in charge is going to get the fall out, same for Sunak, being leader at the moment is a bit of a poisoned chalice

And I think all over the world people are craving a fresh start, tired of the same old, same old. A bit like getting rid of Churchill after the war

So I think she’s made a wise decision.

I just hope there are young leaders with integrity and enthusiasm, ready to step up in all countries, we’re going to need them

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A lovely, very astute lady, an example to all politicians.


Nearly everything she did was an example to pollies everywhere.

Jacinda was probably the worst thing that could have happened to New Zealand. Her strict rules over the vaccines turned the country into a police state.
Not surprising when she took lessons off Blair…
Good riddance I say.
In her favour though, it seems the WEF have decided that they need someone more pliable to their needs, as it so often is with leaders throughout the world.
The WEF are meeting in Davos as we speak, in order to decide what to do with us for the next twelve months.

Best to go on a high than to be voted out.

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I can always rely on you for an alternative view Bob.

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Since I don’t know much about Jacinda Ardern except intermittent headlines, I tend to go with the quoted posts. It seems that she was honest and well-intentioned but, ultimately, defeated by her government’s response to COVID … shame … :slightly_frowning_face:

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Some might not agree with this Iranian.

But I do.

(13) :rotating_light: Jacinda Ardern RESIGNS In Disgrace - YouTube

OR This

(13) Tucker: One of our most appalling world leaders just quit - YouTube

Good post Galty, and I agree with him too. Anyone who was following the shenanigans and blatant attacks on peoples freedoms at the time will have no doubt that she was one of the worst party leaders (together with Justin Trudeau) in the world.

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It would be a great shame if we never had the opportunity to meet each other Swim…

Jacinda Ardern at her best

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Now that’s unusual…???

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:roll_eyes: In June, Ardern, the world’s youngest female leader, will become just the second woman in history to give birth while an elected head of state. She’ll become the first elected leader ever to take maternity leave.


Thats naughty

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