New Year Honours: Whitty, Van-Tam and Blair knighted, Lumley and Redgrave made dames

Half a million now.
He’s not deaf or blind.
If he had a shred of decency he’d refuse the honour and thus salvage a modicum of respect.

Decency and Tony Blair never go in the same sentence! :joy:


I wasn’t trying to be funny!!!

I don’t think JBR was laughing at your post, rather that Tony Bliar has any sense of decency.

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But no one is ALL bad…

That was exactly my point.

However, Tony B Liar is indeed ALL bad, in my opinion anyway.

I was reading today that Keir Starmer approves of this award, and that it will open the door for all ex PM’s to get one.

Apart from Boris. Keir says Boris doesn’t deserve one when he goes.

I wonder what part of the 650,000 signatures against Blair getting this, Keir Starmer doesn’t quite understand.

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Keir Smarmer is nothing if not predictable.

Yep, keir veered on this one, folks will notice a persons disassociations, not good for the core strength.

Great revelations today from the then top Defence lackeys who were instructed to burn the memo telling the war was illegal.
They didn’t. They locked it in a safe instead.
Good stuff!!


Fantastic!! I hope it’s still available for all to read … that b’stard needs frying and then some🤬

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Almost 716,000 now…but numbers mean nothing until action is taken. :+1:

Ideally, someone with access to those documents should arrange for them to be published - either legally or illegally, it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that if they were made public for all to see, it would be impossible to deny them. If there is any justice remaining in this country, BLiar would have to answer for his actions in court.
Let’s see if he is then awarded his ‘honour’.

What, and create another whistle blower prisoner?

Petition against Blair has over a million sigs.
Wonder if the Queen takes any notice.

She bloody-well should do, especially with the way he treated Wills and Harry on their mother’s death. That’s the reason why he wasn’t invited to their respective weddings.


What do you mean?

I’m afraid that’s unlikely. She doesn’t involve herself in politics and, let’s face it, all these so-called ‘honours’ are basically rewards to politicians and their mates by politicians.

This blogger makes a very good point about Blair which I did not consider,

Wonder if it could still be done.

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