New terminology always comes along

Who starts new terminology?
Baffles me when a word or term is attached to a movement of ideology.
Such as Woke. Someone must have first used the term and it stuck.
“Charger Anxiety” has started to be a thing here in Australia.

The sinking feeling electric car owners experience when arriving at a charging station only to find it is out of order — or there is a long queue to use the only functioning charger.
In the western Victorian city of Ballarat, three of four fast chargers at a central location have been out of service for more than a month.

“Every time I leave the house I think ‘Oh, is it going to be an issue?’ But I never have to think about buying diesel,” Mr Wilson of Ballarat said.
“I’ve also had times where there’s been a queue here to charge and I’ve had to wait 45 minutes and you want to get home. It’s just a bit unreliable.”

For new hybrid car owner Ben Castro, charger functionality is another issue.
“In Melbourne, I had a look on a couple of charger information apps, went to the area and there were lots of cars. Then I found out that the charger that would connect to my car wasn’t working,” he said.
While he was driving around looking for another charging station his battery ran flat and he had to switch to the combustion engine.

“Charger Anxiety” - will this be a new norm in our lives?

I thought it was “Range Anxiety”?

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That is an issue as well…
Living in Western Australia this must be very prevalent. Would I drive across the Nullarbor Plains?
What happens when I arrive at a charging station with a line of cars waiting, or the terminals have been vandalised or simply out of service?

I am sure the same questions were posed by the horse and buggy brigade in 1900 ish with the advent of the Internal combustion engine so I suspect it is a short term problem.

Which is the reason I will wait as long as possible before committing to an EV.

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As to your questions about the why and the who, new terms are coined by those who need a new word that describes a changing reality more precisely and realise that a word which describes a new phenomenon does not exist yet ( as in the case of nomophobia). It’s not always done for ideological reasons but for a need to communicate more effectively. New words are coined by writers, translators, young people (slang), people belonging to a community (e.g. those dealing with cryptocurrencies). Time will tell which new words get validated and end up being commonly used, if there are several variants, and are then added to dictionaries. (Is it charger anxiety or charging anxiety?)

In the old days, only Cowboys had “Range Anxiety”!