New Technology on Fairy

Would you pay extra for the new one out?

Anti leak technology.
It’s brilliant imo…no more green.gunge around the top of the bottle.

Hmm … do you own shares in Procter & Gamble … I suppose for hands that do dishes 4X less scrubbing is hard to resist.

You press it from the middle , no mess, no leakage.very smart anti leak technology.

I would never knowingly buy any Proctor and Gamble products!

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Can I ask why not?

What is with all the companies using the word technology to describe something that isn’t particularly technological? :smiley::smiley:

Is there not a vacuum with anti hair wrap technology, they added a bloody comb? :smiley::smiley:

For years I’ve used an ordinary 500ml WUL bottle and refilled it from a 5l container. Now & again I’ve bought a new 500ml bottle when the old one gets too scruffy

I’ll try the new bottle if I see one, and see how it copes with being refilled; but it’s not exactly at the top of my ‘must do’ priorities

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I love the anti leak technology on this bottle,ST,:+1::+1:

Am I missing something but how do these bottles l use Fairy and have not suffered from what seems to be a major probllem? :smiley::smiley:


You won’t be disappointed, I’ve just removed the lid, very easy to refill.:+1:

It’s an upside down bottle, comes out from the bottom.

My regular bottles don’t leak, and neither do the cheaper versions? I don’t see the fuss…its just a silly marketing gimmick to charge you more for :woman_shrugging:


Because they test on animals. If you visit their website - they say they do not - but - that is only for the finished product. A lot of their ingredients come from makers/places where they are tested on animals in the most unspeakable ways.


And her Majesty uses this product.

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I didn’t say they leaked, I said I got green gunge around the spout on the old fairy.

This one has anti leak technology.that is what I said.

No green gunge here.

So where does yours leak from?

Pixie, I said it has gunge green washing up liquid all around the spout part, horrible and mucky,…that’s why I changed…it’s not leaking, I couldn’t close the lid either, because of all this green thick liquid.around the part that it comes out of.

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I understand that Pauline, but I’m just curious as to what part they have changed to make it anti-leak? Surely it must be somewhere around the spout area where the liquid comes out of?

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Hold on I’ll show you.

Not a trace of any liquid leaking, it’s an upside down bottle.

It’s called anti leak technology.


You’ve been licking it again havent you ?

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