New shoes

Do you like them?

Another pic.

They look ok & probably suit you, but not for me.

There is a superstition that bad luck will come to a person who places shoes on a table. Supposedly relates to the coal mining industry. When a miner died in a colliery accident, his shoes were placed on the table as a sign of respect.
As you aren’t a miner are you no? You should be ok:-)

Oh Yes - I love those!:smiley:

I thought you might…it was you who inspired me to buy a pair with small heels.

I can walk in these.:smiley:

I don’t believe in superstition Chillie…I’ve broken about 7 mirrors in my time…:slight_smile:

Interesting story though.:slight_smile:

I’m not saying anything :-D:-D

I like that kind of sandal styling…here are two of my bargain buys
.Top ones leather with leopard pattern the other leather light navy and a very low heel which I wear a lot.

Not aloud to drive in the light navy ones here, as they have no back strap… One a local Shop and the other Lands End online…pricey but sale times are good…

I have never worn high heels in my life as I am tall…Sister is the same height and does wear medium heels,we all are individuals of course and our tastes are too…

Phew , that’s a relief, don’t you dare reveal all, I bet someone will though…:lol::lol::wink:

My style as well Dianne, really nice,:slight_smile:

Gosh, that took me back, Chillie. :slight_smile:
I remember my old Mum always saying that. She’d go mad if we came home and put new shoes on the table.

Yes Mups late mother in law used to be the same.:slight_smile:

Lovely Pauline! Enjoy them!