New presenter for GB News

GB news tonight stated that Lizz. Truss was going to appear on a new
debating program for them !!
No mention of Sunak ?? :frowning::frowning::frowning:

Maybe its a plot twist? Maybe Rishi Sunak is going to get the Top Job after all! Why on earth would Liz Truss be on a debating programme :017:

Liz Truss is not going to be a GB News presenter :rofl:

“ GB News viewers and listeners will get the chance to witness Liz Truss setting out her vision for Britain if she becomes Prime Minister - in a programme we will be broadcasting exclusively next week.

The People’s Forum with Liz Truss will see the Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs appear in a Red Wall seat and make her pitch for Number 10 in front of an audience of GB News viewers and listeners.

Rishi Sunak, Ms Truss’ rival for the Conservative leadership, has also been invited to take part in an exclusive People’s Forum event which would also be broadcast across TV and radio on a separate night.

Explaining why she had accepted an invite from GB News to appear in the People’s Forum, Ms Truss said: "I am looking forward to talking to GB News viewers and our members in the heart of our Red Wall and taking their questions.”

… on a hard right channel for crazed brexiteers? :017:

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@Boot , Yeh, l think youve got it right , so it looks like GB news is
in competition with Sky news now?
I supposen in the interests of balanced reporting,:grin::grin:
They also showed a clip that l havent seen before of Lizz being badly heckled by
Rshi supporters in eastbourne that had to be ejected for disruption ??
Has anybody else seen this clip before or was it staged ??

"As Prime Minister, I will work tirelessly to deliver for those who voted for us across the Red Wall, including those who put their trust in us for the first time in 2019. I have a bold and ambitious economic plan and the experience in Government to deliver it. I am on the side of people who work hard and do the right thing and as Prime Minister I will make sure we are an ‘aspiration nation’ with a fast growing economy and ensure every part of the country thrives.”

A wooden speech from a Woodentop … :roll_eyes:

No date for a Sunak appearance on GBN is mentioned but, on the other hand:

Last week Channel 4 said Ms Truss had not accepted an invitation to be interviewed by veteran political journalist Andrew Neil, which Mr Sunak accepted.


I have seen the clip.
The hecklers were not Rishi Sunak’s Supporters.
They were Climate Change Activists.

@Boot , Ooooer! Praps they were camoflaged ??

Perhaps they were plants … to enable Ms Truss to provide a spontaneous and “inspirational” speech:

Ms Truss said: “Can I just say a few words on the militant people who try and disrupt our country and who try and disrupt our democratic process, and try and disrupt our essential services. I would legislate immediately to make sure that we are standing up to militant trade unions who stop ordinary commuters getting into work. And I would legislate to protect our essential services. And I will make sure that militant activists such as Extinction Rebellion are not able to disrupt ordinary people who work hard, do the right thing and go into work. And I will never ever ever allow our democracy to be disrupted by unfair protests. I know the majority of people around the area of Eastbourne are hard-working people who want to do the right thing, and those are the people we are on the side of, and those are people we will stand up for.”

This is what Tories want … :026:

@Omah , Thats right, camoflage can work two ways. ??
We never know who is what ??
But Liz revealed the truth in her response !!
Big mistake imo ?? :frowning::frowning:

Didn’t the chap she was supposed to have had an affair with, Mark Fields, get suspended for grabbing a climate protester by the neck and pushing her out of the room?

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Indeed he did:

Assault allegation

As a result of the incident, he was suspended as a minister on 21 June, while investigations took place. The City of London Police reviewed the events and declared that it would be taking no further action. When Boris Johnson became prime minister in July 2019, Field was dropped from his ministerial role at the Foreign Office as part of a cabinet reshuffle. The Whitehall investigation was closed, as he felt that it was a “matter for the previous PM concerning his conduct during his time as a minister under her appointment”.

A Cabinet Office investigation into the assault allegation, published in December, concluded that he had breached the ministerial code but that he would not receive any sanction as Field was no longer in Parliament.

I didn’t know that … :thinking:

The City of London Police reviewed the events and declared that it would be taking no further action.
:point_right:Quite right too as that advancing protester could have been carrying a weapon!

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Poor excuse really. I doubt if he’d have been as forceful if he’d really been in danger

No, I think he just enjoyed bullying and manhandling a woman who was daring to do something he disagreed with to show what a big man he is.

Probably turned him on. Jerk. Shows the type Liz Truss likes.

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