New Member Frankieboy

Hi thanks im a new arrival, 5-15am so im going to bed now but i will come back
dont go away :slight_smile:

Hi Frankieboy. Welcome :slight_smile:
Yep, we’ll still be here when you wake up bud. :slight_smile:

Hello Frankieboy :slight_smile: a warm welcome to Over50sForum…

Good morning Dave matey and welcome.

Welcome Frankieboy.


Welcome to OFF Frankie I hope you like it here. I’m wondering why you were up at 5.15am do you work nights like our Floydy ?

ahh there you are 11.10 am here sunny day alls well

thank you Mags a very warm welcome if i may say so

thank you long dogs, very nice

and a very good morning to you to Matey :smiley:

No couldn’t sleep but i went back to bed after Floydy spoke to me, he must have put me to sleep haha:-D

London is a big place - I was born there too, (within the sound of Bow Bells) so whereabouts in London are you???

Welcome frankieboy, do you know Georgie Girl?:slight_smile:

Hello Dave :slight_smile: welcome…

Ah, Frankie Boy that sounds fun to me.
I very much like fun posters.:lol:

Sweetie x

Welcome to the madhouse Frankie, hey singing Frankiiiiie, do you remember me. I’ve got a good voice eh? :lol:

Hello Dave,

Welcome to our forum, we are all friendly on here.
I’m also a London girl, Eastend Cockney girl.
Whereabouts in London are you from?