New House New Project

I thought it might be fun for some before and after pictures. These are a few pictures of the sitting room in my new house what these pics don’t show you are that there are damp patches on the ceiling the windows are rotten and the wire grids under the niches each side of the fireplace house radiators in an enormous void … no heat whatsoever actually gets into the room at all which is interesting. Lots to do… understatement of the year

I thought I might also make you all jealous with my state of the art kitchen… note the massive crack on the far window wall… that’s air conditioning actually this wall wont be there when its extended so problem solved .

Dont expect fast after pictures as I’m not even moving for about 6 weeks as I have other things going on. I fell in love with this house though its very pretty… forgot to say my surveyor tells me there is woodworm in the roof beams… blinking heck!

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I like the state-of-the-art Status Stores kitchen with the cooker panel fitted so high above the oven that you’d need a step-ladder to turn it on and off. :smiley:


As mad as a hatter.:-p

You are very lucky to have Mr Summer.

Living on my own I have downsized massively.

I like small houses

I wish you well, it is obviously your thng.

Judd, wouldn’t you get condensation form in those plugs when boiling things on the cooker?

Summer, your new home looks huge.
Lots of potential too.
I hope you’re very happy there. :023:

By 'eck, Summer. You don’t half set yourself some tasks - you must be a glutton for punishment. :slight_smile:

That small radiator in the lounge ain’t no use nor ornament. :smiley:

With a crack like that, you’d best check the footings for subsidence too.

I can see why you fell in love with it Summer

Can’t wait to see you put your immaculate stamp on it :smiley:

You would. But more importantly, if a pan caught fire, you wouldn’t be able to reach it safely to turn it off. That’s why you should NEVER put switches above cooking appliances.

I thought that was a wire running along the skirting board?

looks like you are upsizing to “posh” summer when its all finished, good luck with it, be nice to come round for early tea, toast, butter an marmalade :slight_smile:

Bleedin hell … I hope you mean evidence of old and treated woodworm and not untreated.
Even treated can have significantly weakened the roof structural strength … I know these things having lived in an old converted barn (pig sty actually and that’s the truth).

I was told that that if you can fit your fingernail in a crack in a wall it’s getting serious. If you can fit the end of your finger tip in…wear a hard hat.

Best of luck.

Oooh Summer, I’m SO jealous. Love the look and shape of the sitting room!

What year is it? Town or country? How many floors? How long do you think it will take to complete once work is started?

(Yes I’m nosy but incredibly interested in anything ‘house-moving-and-house-doing-upping’ :-D)

I’m all excited for you and I can’t wait to see all the other rooms and garden, whether before or after ones.
No pressure though :cool:

It looks like you have some exciting possibilities, Summer! Wise woman to redo that kitchen with that electricity situation.

Looking forward to the updates!

Wow! What an interesting house. I love the curved walls and there’s even a curved door no less. It will be a labour of love but will be well worth it in the end.

What a beautiful sitting room, Summer, love the steps and the shape of the windows. No wonder you fell in love!

Btw Summer, if you need to buy curved skirting for your curved living room, your best bet is B&Q, I have never found a straight piece of wood in there since it opened in 1969.


Hah. So it’s not just my local branch then? :lol:

Morti, that reminded me of when I had a subsidence problem here.
One crack got so bad I could see next door’s fence through it!! :shock:

Definitely not. :lol:


How true is that…

Lots of potential there Summer :cool: I just wouldn’t want the work these days you are brave to take it on.