New front door

Always wondered why every window is UPVC yet the front door and window beside it are still wood.
The front door anyway is the last of the previous “Bodget owner” efforts using filler for the return metal recess for where the yale lock goes in as it never fitted properly. Even the letter box hole
was so messed up I had a job replacing the rear draft flap
So this year instead of a proper holiday a new composit UPVC front door and new UVC widow at the same time. on order
So out with wooden door wooden window frame and all framework and in with the new which should keep the house warmer as well.
had a couple of quotes and took one that the company had done work for us before. the other quote from a well established local company Sue and I thought odd. When you ask for a quote, in this case a new porch as alternative to new door, the company quoted for the porch excluding the side wall brickwork and foundations.
Now I would expect a quote for the whole job not part of leaving the company to add whatever they wanted to the cost. Needless to say they never will hear from us and they have lost out on a job.
Oh just had a card from a company doing driveways showing brick blocks. They won’t get much business if the person who put it through our letter box didn’t bother to look down and see they were already walking on one. Talk about being thick as SH*T !

Had the same sort of thing happen when we bought a new house, the whole estate was double glazed .A cold caller could not understand why no one was interested in double glazing until Sue said have you looked at the windows on this estate.
You just could not make this up how stupid some firms and people can be

I have a wooden door and wish I hadn’t blooming thing sticks in the damp and lest the draught in .

My sister has just replaced her wooden front door and frame with composite 30s style , it looks great , high spec security ,maintenance and draft proof .
What’s not to like…. apart from the price

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Yep, a good quality composite ain’t cheap, ours was replaced for a two fold reason, the existing one was crap and, there was an annoying level change in the hall (my fault) so, fitting a new Door with a higher frame threshold high allowed me to engineer this problem out.

Sister needs a new front door (she can’t use it, has to get in via the back gate and patio door), but is staggered at the costs. Reckons she can’t afford it. The mechanism is broken. She thinks it was the lady who befriended her and feeds the cats in her absence. Doesn’t understand how the handle works to lock it.

well after a 6 week wait, tomorrow we are having a brand new composite front door. No more of Mr Bodgets efforts- no more drafty entrance hall - better security locking . will have to get extra keys cut for those who already have ours as well. So good bye to old wooden door at long long last

Good for you .
We got a wooden door because I like the look of wood and it’s been a disaster .
It swells it doesn’t fit right I can’t open it .
I wish we had got a composite door .

come and have my one that is being removed then :wink: