New Car Battery Cost


My Battery has had it, it is a game of roulette as to
wether the central locking works to open it.

It is a diesel automatic, so needs a big battery anyway.

I rarely drive the car, my medication stops me from doin
g so.

This will be my second replacement battery on a 11 year old car, it is however more than twice as much as the last one, it is £138 fitted.

what do you call twice as much Swimmy? I just paid £85 for a new one

ETA sorry I didn’t see the price you wrote

My son just paid 100 quid including fitting


Not cheap now are they?

Shot up in price.

I don’t do Halfords, KwikFit etc.

Part of my Retirement Deal, I get the same rates as the big Contract .

Parts are cost plus 10%, fitting is cash in hand for little jobs like this.

I reckon it’s the fitting charge that really bumps the price up. Just out of interest I looked on-line for a new one to put in my diesel pathfinder and after looking through a whole host of expensive Buy Now offers, I found exactly the same thing (096) 630a cold cranking current, for £56 inc delivery Monday from Tyna’s Batteries est 2003. Also if I ordered it via the advert, I would receive a £5.25 discount with the code quoted.

EDITED to add … also there is the recycling charge, but I would give Marty’s Metals a ring and as they pass my house every 2 wks, they’ll collect at no charge.

What you want is a small trickle charger. A small solar trickle charger would suffice, even if that takes a few extra meters of cable. If you park your car in a garage. If you park outside then solar charging is both very simple & very cost effective way of preserving a batteries health.

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I was going to say that you were lucky but then I doubled the figure to get dollars - $276

I bought a new battery for my car recently and it was $240 (actually it was on special for $207 at the time) They fit it for free.

As you say they are ridiculously expensive. The previous one lasted just over 7 years and still holds a good charge so I keep it for “emergencies”

£95 from Halfords with a five-year guaranty, fitting and a winter check was an extra £15.
The extra was an offer at the time.

I live ‘Downunder’ but have spent time over your side & I’m guessing situation is not too different.
We reasonably frequently find HEAVY discounts of MAJOR brands as well as others.
Usually when we want/need a battery we want/need it NOW so don’t take any real notice of prices and of course that often means FULL HIGH PRICE is paid.
I’d recommend a perusal of your Automotive outlets rather than any actual battery place if the situation is like here cos that’s where I’ve seen sometimes between 25 - 50% discounts on WELL REGARDED brands.

Also buying at the right range of ‘same’ battery can be a saver i.e. Common here to have around 3 ‘quality’ levels. Mid range is imho usually a fairly good area for most usage.

Incidentally I’ve not too long ago needed to go through the inevitable & with a wee drop of patience & a look around manged to snaffle myself one of the bargain discounts ( still with full appropriate warranty/guarantee )

Hope you are able to grab yourself a goody before your old one karks it.
If you have a charger I’d also suggest now is the time to lift that bonnet & clip it across existing battery when not in use as that should give you a little bit more breathing space too.

Good Luck

I bought a new heavy duty battery for my small car two months ago. Price was about AU$200

I paid £140 uk money but this did cover a man coming out to my house doing a test of my electrics and fitting a new battery with 3 year warrant.

Sounds about right Reggie, in 2019 I had to get the bloke out from the local garage (he knows me and I always take it there for servicing and MOT) and it cost me £125.72.
I thought it would have been more so was pleasantly surprised.
I might not be so happy when my latest car needs a new battery, it’s got that silly ‘Stop/Start’ facility and although I always disable it, I understand the batteries are a lot more expensive than the standard ones.

i paid £185 just before christmas,its a stop start diesel,oh that was fitted

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