New befree tripod test

Above is my real first effort of using the new Befree manfrotto tripod with the Sony FDR-AX53 handcam. Edited with Adobe premier elements 2020

Having set up the tripod and adjusted to level via the ball joint on the tripod (helps instead of adjusting the tripod legs) I decided to be adventurous and go that bit further as well to include panning and zoom using a wireless remote control
First attempt the tripod legs were too far apart and nearly tripped over them, won’t make that mistake again. So made the video but had wind rumble noise at the beginning.

So onto editing
First was to eliminate that rumble without ruining the sound track, so a bit of cut and expand to clear noise section and copy paste type of thing to do an infill
Next to add another track with a rolling title, took a bit of head scratching but found out how to ( must learn how to do with side to side scroll)

for an unknown reason youtube cut out the last few seconds

Helpful comments welcomed but please NO sarcastic or funny remarks

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That was a very smooth transitioning, RS, with the zoom & panning. Also I thought the sound was spot on.
When you say you want a side to side scroll…can I just say, as a viewer, I find that a bit distracting. It takes my eyes off the main action in order to follow the words along the screen. I preferred your title just coming up as it was, then going away. But hey, that’s just a minor thing. Overall I liked this. :+1:

You must have the most photographed and filmed back garden in the whole of Britain, RS. Congratulations on yet another triumph. :023:

Someone who needs to go back to school to learn how to read what is written down

No, I meant it. I thought the tripod worked well; very smooth movement. Honestly. :innocent:

Was that to me, RS? Have I missed something?

Not you pk. Now removed video because harbal can’t read. Making that video is not a 5 minute job what with making and editing and I don’t take kindly to any sarcastic unwanted and uncalled for comment

I was being genuine, RS, no sarcasm. :102: