Never forget Jill Dando

Twenty-four years ago. Liked her a lot, her brother’s thoughts most plausible.


I will watch although I followed the case closely but I don’ t agree with her brother still thinking it was just some random person walking around with a gun.
Neither do I think Barry George did it ,he was made a scapegoat just because .
A bit like the current German prisoner strongly suspected of killing Madeleine McCann . . Another scapegoat just because in all probability.

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Jill Dando was a sweetie .
Bless her


…….he murdered her ?

That’s what the German Prosecutor has said repeatedly and told MM’s parents so via The Met .
Rather a wicked thing to do imo based on only circumstantial evidence same as Barry George .

How do you know it’s only circumstantial evidence the police are not obliged to give out everything they know …
He is already being charged with three cases of rape and two cases of child molestation, the most recent in 2017 when Brückner is alleged to have exposed himself and masturbated in front of a group of children.
So the longer he is off the streets the better .

Let’s not go into the felll off the sofa nonsense .

In fact its better not to go there at all .

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Muddy best not to tangle based on past history ?
Save to say just because a person fits the bill so to speak as Barry George did and now the German because he fits the bill but has never murdered the Prosecutor was seriously out of order in my opinion informing the parents he knew Madeleine was dead and by whose hand at this stage simply because he has a paedophile and rapist imprisoned he needs to keep off the streets for a very long time ,forever probably .
I don’t mind that ,it’s miscarriages of justice that rankle .

I find the statement ‘ simply because he has a rapist and pedophile in custody ‘ amazing .
A rapist and pedophile who just happened to be within two miles of the scene of the crime at the time and was notorious for robbing hotel rooms .

Barry George was portrayed in the press as an oddball and an obsessive and in fact had a reputation for stalking but there was no conclusive evidence to suggest he killed J.D but with few other leads and pressure piling on the Metropolitan Police to find the perpetrator in the high profile murder case, he was arrested .
There you have it , the similarity .
George was in the vicinity just as the German was .
That proves nothing . It is what it is.

There is no comparison at all
Bruckner was arrested by the German police not the Portuguese,
( the less said about that lot the better )
No one was putting pressure on them .

We’re going off topic here so what are your thoughts on the Jill Dando murder Muddy ?

The article says
“Now, a detailed new three-part Netflix documentary will attempt to answer the question, Who Killed Jill Dando?”

I don’t suppose documentary filmmakers will be able to answer that question after all these years, when the police haven’t been able to find enough evidence for a reliable conviction.

I suppose re-hashing all the details over again will have been worth it if it does jog someone’s memory or conscience, 24 years after the event and a witness comes forward.

The very first case to appear on the first series of Crimewatch in 1984 was the rape and murder of Colette Aram in 1983. The case was finally solved and the murderer convicted in 2009, 26 years after the crime, as a result of a cold case review.
So, there’s hope yet that enough evidence may be found to convict the person who murdered Jill Dando.

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That case was solved by DNA sample taken from the son of the man charged, be a miracle if it solved this.

What was the reason for her death: an assassination or murder?
Two different implications.

The chilling reminder at end of trailer.

So ,did you watch and if you did what do you think ?

Just a recap of the case.

I watched it…it just confused me. More questions than answers to be honest…poor Jill I don’t think she will ever have justice.

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I thought it weird that her agent confessed to being the only person who knew she would be going from her fiancé 's house where she lived to her own , to pick up fax’s that morning .
Also the comment from the old lag being interviewed , his final words were intriguing .

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