Need help with Pitmans shorthand (one word only!)

Shorthand help please

First we need to see what the abbreviation is.

Hello and welcome Henrietta. What word exactly. I’m sure you can google for an answer.

The word is passwords - I want to print it on a notebook
Would be grateful for help!


shorthand is just that an short way or writing, not something via a computer. you best bet is ask at you local library for a book on pitmans shorthand and copy onto your notebook. My wife did shorthand but even so everyone has their own way of writing shorthand they understand. How one writes in shorthand even Pitmans gets adapted to suit their own style

Putting passwords into shorthand is not a bad idea if you can remember how to use it. I studied Teeline but hardly used it. However, I may go back and revisit as hardly anyone has a clue how to use it these days and it’s probably the best way to write rude notes & comments without anyone realising.

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Maybe this will help:

Text will be transformed into Pitman shorthand record, e.g.:

It fell to earth I know not where.


You cannot see the trees for the forest.


I tried:

The word is passwords



I taught Teeline for about 14 years. Some of my students included a couple of lads joining the Police. A lad going into journalism, a girl going off to University but hoping to take her notes down quicker than everybody else and of course, loads of people working as PAs and in Admin.

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thank you everyone - I think I’ve cracked it but new users can’t upload photos - I do still use it but I started to overthink!
We sold some notebooks with ‘passwords’ on the front but I thought it would be fun to have it in shorthand, I think Pitmans is the best known.

Thank you - intriguing! It’s completely correct but doesn’t use any shortforms - you wouldn’t think shorthand would have shortforms!

Password here is shown in the short form, just as I thought.

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I spent about 6 months learning this, at Pitmans College, on a full time secretarial course,

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Jazzi that’s just how I thought it would be (with the short-form)
Thank you - you nailed it!

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