Nadine Dorries shares image of Rishi Sunak stabbing Boris Johnson in back with a knife

An MP branded Nadine Dorries’ retweet “dangerous” less than 10 months after a Tory, David Amess, was stabbed to death in his constituency.

A digitally altered image of ex-Chancellor Mr Sunak as Brutus, stabbing the PM as Julius Caesar, was tweeted on July 29 by a ‘LizForLeader’-supporting Twitter account.

Culture Secretary and diehard Boris Johnson backer Ms Dorries retweeted it last night - around the time she was at the PM’s wedding party at a Tory donor’s estate.

The message alongside the photo said simply: “He is running to become PM. His name is @RishiSunak.”

Sunak backer Greg Hands told Sky News: “It is not even a year since the stabbing of Sir David… so I think this is very, very bad taste, dangerous even. I do find it distasteful and I do find it, less than a year after the stabbing of our colleague, in very, very poor taste, even verging on dangerous."

Senior Tory MP Simon Hoare said on Twitter: “Your comments are divisive, disingenuous & disturbing.”

Truss may be a silly airhead but Dorries is a nasty piece of work … :unamused:

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That reminds me of my Latin master’s attempt at humour “.I will deduct marks if anyone translates”
“Et tu ,Brute” as “Oh! you brute!”

the world is perhaps becoming more and more lawless and dangerous?

What’s Cummings doing there in the background?

And these are the people who govern us…God help us!



Perhaps it is the other way round.

Dorries is completely infatuated with Boris and Truss is pure steel on a mission.

Truss has as much compassion as a machine gun.

I don’t know how this woman ever got selected as a Candidate for MP - she is a liability sitting in a safe seat - unless the Tory Party take the whip away, they’ll never get rid of her.

After all the negative press she’s created over the years, with dodgy expense claims, breaching Parliamentary Standards and conduct unbecoming for an MP, I’m amazed that they let her have the whip back after removing it from her in 2012. They should have kicked her out for good then.

Within 6 years, she went from being a disgraced politician to being appointed to a Cabinet position by Boris Johnson - no wonder she has been hanging on his every word so adoringly.

These personal attacks she keeps making against other MPs show how ignorant and unprincipled she is.

Dorries typical MP conniving scheming sycophant.
Until it’s time to stick the knife in.

After Dorries most recent claims it seems right to resurrect this thread. She has widened her list of people stabbing Johnson in the back to include the whole of some mysterious “movement”.

She’s a one. The tories have been split into factions for decades with no sign of a cabal. Not even the ERG qualifies. And the thought Cummings is still so instrumental in the party is unhinged.
Plus she misses the core point - Johnson stabbed himself in the forehead, on his own. No need for any help from any movement.

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Nadine will, in time, come to the same conclusion as the Enlightened Ones, i.e. that the world is controlled by the Reptilian Brotherhood … :lizard: