My son keeps passing out - anyone have any insights?

I am worried sick!
My son keeps passing out. His heart is fine, his blood pressure was a little up, but fine when retested. Today my family were going to London, he just passed out AGAIN!!!
I am taking him back to the GP in an hour. This is the Third visit!!! We are all puzzled as to what it can be.
Has this happened to any of you?

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Sorry to hear this Sweetie.

I would get him looked straightaway and insist they investigate properly this time. Don’t be fobbed off.

Good luck.

p.s. Just thought, he is not on any meds that might be causing it is he?

Worrying indeed.
You have my sympathies. I hope you can get to the bottom of his problem.

Thank-you both I am in a right tearful state tbh. Just posting then checking on him.

I am wondering if it is the same as my hubby???
Pernicious anaemia is a condition caused by too little vitamin B12 in the body. It is one form of vitamin B12 deficiency anaemia. Vitamin B12 helps the body make healthy red blood cells and helps keep nerve cells healthy. … The most common cause of pernicious anaemia is the loss of stomach cells that make intrinsic factor.

I would have thought they should have tested him for this if they know his father has it, as I believe is is often hereditary.

Maybe you’d best give them a reminder.

I will Mupsy. In fact, my stepson also has this condition.
I will get his twin brother tested too. This might explain the other twin having constant mouth ulcers.

Yes. Best way, and like I said, don’t be fobbed off.

You’d best get going hadn’t you? :slight_smile:

Yep on my way.

Hi Sweetie :slight_smile: can you check his pulse, make sure it isn’t too low.



Hope you’re Son will be alright Sweetie.
You said your Husband and Stepson has the same condition, do they also Pass Out? Make sure you mention this to your GP.

thoughts SP - PM me when you’re free I may have a few more ideas but not keen to get into too many public discussions?

Have them check his blood sugar. Now, if they’ve already checked him for diabetes, have them check for hypoglycemia - which is low blood sugar. Some regular doctors don’t believe in it and don’t give a test for it. You may have to go to a natureopathic doctor. That’s how I found mine. It was through a 6 hour glucose tolerance test. When my blood sugar gets really low or I eat something a little to sugary, I get dizzy and can feel like I’m going to pass out at times. This especially happened before I learned to balance my blood sugar with a high protein diet.

Also I get this way when something I’m consuming doesn’t get along with my blood pressure medication, Lisinopril.

Aww Sweetie, what a worry for you. Hope it’s all sorted today and turned out to be something and nothing. :hug:

I’ve fainted twice in my life & each time it was when I’d been standing still for quite a while.

The doctor explained it was a drop in blood pressure & to keep it up I had to stamp my feet & move my legs if I was standing for any length of time.

Had your son been standing still when he fainted? Drop in blood pressure would explain it then.

I’m so sorry sweetie - what a worry for you all…

Yes ! I passed out last year while building my cedar greenhouse and got a huge black eye. I was working too hard in the full sun and got heat stroke.

Wishing you the best Sweetie Pie. That’ must be quite upsetting.
I’m celiac so my b12 can be on the low side. I used to have to take b12 shots from the doctors office but now my own diet and supplements are working to keep it in check.

A hug for you too :hug:

These are all good ideas. suggestion: buy a blood glucose test kit. that can be quite inexpensive. Perhaps the Dr will prescribe it for your son and it might be free or very low cost. My other suggestion is to test your son just as soon as he passes out.

I have passed out due to hypoglycemia myself.
My Dr claims that I am no longer diabetic T-2. That is supposed to be NOT POSSIBLE. But my A1C is great. Go figure.

Best wishes for your son. Big hug ! Bakerman

That’s exactly what I thought when I read the post. I’m sure you will get to the bottom of it. Hope you have a sympathetic gp.

The GP sent us straight to the hospital for some tests. I had his twin with me, the GP wanted blood tests on both my boys.
The other twin passed out at the hospital!
Oh what a day! I eventually got them into my car, I was driving really slow leaving the hospital, the car in front!!! The wheel just spun off their car!!! I stopped called for help.
Making my way back home, my boy passed out in the car! This happened twice on the short journey home! We will have to wait for results. I’m just worn out, but wanted to say we are all home. Thank-you all for your posts. I will keep you updated.
Sweetie x

Oh my!
My thoughts and prayers are with you