My New Laptop

Much to my own surprise I just bought a new laptop. It is not even one I thought I would buy.

My old Lenovo laptop has been playing up or rather the touchpad has. I replaced the touchpad recently and all was sweetness and light for a while but it started playing up again. I know I could quite successfully use a USB mouse but I hate things that don’t work properly especially as it is only just over three years old.

I have been almost absent mindedly browsing Lenovo, Acer etc websites looking at laptops for about $2000 when I came across this laptop on Dell reduced from $2300 to $1400. The specs looked OK - 1Tb SSD, i7 processor it had a 15" screen (I prefer 14" for no good reason) among other things so on Sunday I ordered it and it arrived today (Tues) I was pretty pleased with that.

It has Windows 11 installed but I actually like it better than Win 10, or at least I like the Start menu better. I used a local login and am currently downloading and installing all my favourite programs and transferring files from the old laptop. Deleted as much of the bloatware as I could Mcafee, Office 365 etc and turned off as much M$ spyware as I could.

After 3 hours with it am still happy.


Congrats. I also like properly working stuff. How much RAM does it have, Bruce?

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Thanks. That should be state-of-the-art for the average user.

More than enough for what I do with it. It is basically my travel computer I use a desktop most of the time but I am finding that even at home I am using the laptop more.

Apart from the laptop this replaces I have two others. A 10" netbook which as I speak I am restoring to factory defaults so I can give it away and an even older Lenovo which suffered badly from having WIN 10 installed on it. They are both as slow as a wet weekend but the latter is handy for pointing at automatic routine jobs where time is no object (I am very fond of batch files)

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Well done.

I won’t be buying another Lenovo lappy either.

Very Good Choice.

£650 from Dell, here.

Dell are great, I’ve been using their All In Ones for years.

Out of all of my laptop experiences, I am back with Dell as my favourite. I’ve just upgraded this one to 1T SSD and 16 RAM. I would have uprated the RAM further, but as I had 16 going spare to fit in the DELL 17", that was what I fitted :ok_hand::+1:

BTW I got the price wrong it was $1236 not $1400 (just looked at the receipt rather than relying on memory because my son was interested in getting one)

This is my second Dell my first laptop was a Dell - I don’t know why I stopped looking at them.

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I had a dell that I replaces with a Lenovo - big mistake I miss my dell.

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Congrats, sounds like a great computer.

I wonder why it was reduced in price Bruce…Was it broke?

Probably a discontinued line, it has two USB A type ports, all the new computers are USB C ports including the power supply in some. I am guessing but I suspect that is why there was such a big reduction from list price

I’ve got a Dell too…excellent

DELL Inspiron 15 3511 15.6" Laptop

£479 @ Currys

I hate this part. I just reset my computer to factory. I downloaded a new copy of windows, rather than using the image on the Hard Drive. I was astonished that I had to download Windows 7, then update to 10, then update to 11. Seemed like a weird way for Microsoft to go about it. The I had to get rid of all the bloatware. To my amazement my Chrome bookmarks made the jump no problem. My video card is working much better though. I too am enjoying Windows 11 so far.

I have got to say that seems a really lot of effort for little reward.

I just go to Control Panel > Programs and Features and delete everything I don’t want. That is enough for me.

If I was really keen I would try Settings > Update & Security > Recovery > Reset this computer > Reset to Factory Defaults and follow the prompts.

Exactly what I did.

But I have never had to go through all the steps you described. I don’t understand that.

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Neither did I. I just followed the prompts for downloading a clean copy of Windows. This is also a new computer that came with Windows 10. Whole thing seemed stupid, but I have to admit my machine is working better. :grinning: