My New Cooking Equipment


I have been reorganising my cooking arrangements with the help of my very good Community OT.

I very rarely use the oven now and the vast majority of my cooking is now done using these

Everything is at worktop height and the drawers and cupboards have been reorganised so things are easier to reach.

The great thing is that the multicooker and the microwave have preprogramed settings for a wide variety of things, just press a button and off they go.

I am very pleased with my new(ish) petrol stove. I have got fed up with those butane stoves in cold weather because butane is very susceptible to cold (unlike propane).

My Coleman stove uses petrol and gives off a great amount of heat (if you remember blowlamps the principle is similar)

I love it - and so compact too


I use a small butane gas stove to make tea at the veg plot. It does use the gas up quite quickly so this one you have shown would be a good alternative.

Similar principle to a Tilley lamp?
You have to pump it up, looks a nice piece of equipment. I have a couple of Coleman low profile stoves, you can get propane/butane mix cannisters but I never go anywhere cold enough to need them :wink:

Thought this thread would be about food processors and saucepans.
I’ve bought a Ninja electric woody barbecue .

Here it is



It is Ripple.
I got the things from Amazon. When I try to post the link it comes complete with my name date of purchase, delivery address.

I think there is a problem with the setup of my new laptop, it was done by a teenage techie.

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I’ve just had a look at those on the Argos website. Very versatile it is too. I like the fact that it can be used as a hot smoker :drooling_face:

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Yes it’s brilliant

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I have one each of these

Amazon 23 in 1 Electric Pressure Cooker.

Toshiba 950w 25L Microwave Oven with Upgraded Easy Clean Enamel Cavity, Position Memory Turntable, Convection 2250w & Crispy Grill 1150w - Black - MW2-AC25TF(BK)

Both the above have different one button programs.

Last, but not least an air fryer

Xpress Pro Combo 2000W 11 Litre 10-in-1 Digital Air Fryer Oven with Rotisserie

All very easy to use, all at worktop height.

The only thing that I the standard oven for is my large Yorkshire Puddings.

Sorry that you will have to cut and paste the names into your search engine.

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Mr S Are you happy with them ? They look great .


I have to wear two warning wristbands because I am on dual anti platelet therapy.

Basically my blood is so thin that it is like WD40, I have to avoid knocks and cuts.

I have a very good set of proper knives etc.

I have had to get these to be safe,

Toskope Vegetable Chopper, 14-in-1 Kitchen Mandoline Vegetable Slicer Food Chopper for Onion Veg Garlic Potato Salad Mini Dicer Chopper Cutter,Grey

Onion Holder, All in one - Vegetable Fruits Slicer, Meat Tenderizer, Stainless Steel Cutting Kitchen Gadgets

I can still use my knives safely with the second one.

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Yes I am, still learning though.

The OT has moved things round, changed what is where in the units and is an organisational genius.

I need to move to a more vegetarian, low fat, high protein diet.

I cannot totally give up my meat and fish, but now only have them 2 days a week, the other 5 are vege.

This a new cooking style for me, but one of my helpers has kindly arranged for lessons for me at home, free of charge.

Very knowledgeable , but very bossy, Keralan Ladies.

I thought I knew how to cook rice, apparently I do not.

Well, it is titled “My New Cooking Equipment” and if a stove isn’t cooking equipment I don’t know what is. Even better I purchased it from Amazon


Ninja is a marketing company, it also sells Shark household electrical goods.

The company is known as SharkNinja.

It is based in the USA and works on the same model as Apple.

Everything is outsourced to manufacturers in China.

These manufacturers also produce equivalents at a fraction of the cost, but without the advertising costs.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Ninja Products, I just refuse to pay the stupid prices they charge.

I’m not a fan of counter top gadgets in the kitchen. They take up too much space and, for me, simply cause clutter. I do love my mini-blitzer - small cup size container with blades to blitz herbs, onions / garlic, bread crumbs. Curries come out much better with blitzed onion, ginger, garlic & spices - rather than just chopping them. My other regular aid is a mandolin (spelling) for very rapid slicing.

The latest addition to the kitchen is a Ninja Foodi. It has two drawers. We reckon it was worth buying. Pretty fast cooking times. No warming up period. Probably only good for cooking a single meal though. Mrs mart and I eat different foods, so we debate each evening about who needs the Ninja. The one not needing it most often has a microwave meal.