My mammogram appointment

Just had my letter in the post really looking forward to 11th December such a treat to be crushed again :shock: although not sure how that works now I’m almost flat chested on one side. :confused:

Hope you all keep your appointments as uncomfortable as it is I wouldn’t be sitting her now if I had avoided my appointments.

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I am due for my last routine one next April, I think it sensible to keep the appointments, even though it isn’t a comfortable experience.

We don’t get them after the age of 70. I think we could if we offered to pay for it. The government doesn’t want us to live too long…:mrgreen:

had mine last year 'thought they forgot about me tbh
and yes it hurts -lol well it did me ’ not nice but has to be done ’ she kept sayin dont move need more pics =I said iam not moving just breathing – oh for gods sake take the selfie :-D:-D

It hurts me as well, not got mine through yet though.

Don’t have them any more, too old now.
Men designed those torture machines, if a woman had they’d have rounded corners & be a different shape.

Absolutely Julie …I wouldnt be here either. Its a little uncomfortable but its a hell of a lot better than the alternative trust me!!

That horrible ‘shelf’- thing underneath always hurts my ribs when they make you lean into it too. :frowning:

Good luck Julie.

Did mine too & my tummy got in the way.:blush:

Oh couldn’t you just scream that last second before she presses that release button , oooh the pain . But yes a must .

I wonder if the machine was designed by a man !

I hope they aren’t personally as the evidence is very clear that Mammograms do more harm than good.

Mammograms have now been stopped in a number of countries but as ever the UK and NHS lag behind the times.

We have discussed this at length before, the terrible statistics, the awful tales of women told that their Mammograms returned positive (falsely) and were then subjected to the conveyor belt of horrible treatments etc etc.

Irradiating your body is never a sensible thing to do.

For those who missed the discussion first time round you can read it all in this thread here:


They do have rounded corners!

I’m not going to get into another disagreement. We’ve discussed this before, and I’ve made my opinion clear.

All I will say now is that you women have a choice. If you don’t like the idea of those nasty (very soft, btw) X-rays or the plates with sharp edges (eh?) that squash you flat, then just don’t have your mammo!

They are not compulsory.

Give up your appointment and make a space for someone else. :wink:

Not something I’ve experienced…

I hope no one is taking your nonsense seriously, mammograms save lives.

The facts are all in the thread I provided the link for. The instilled notions that Mammograms are safe, effective, reliable and necessary are wholly untrue.

Read the data, be informed, make an informed decision.

Don’t be an ignorant victim.

If you have already provided pages of data, plus posted a link to it all, is it really necessary to repeat and reiterate the same views all over again on this thread too?

Anyone who is interested can read your link.
Those that aren’t interested, have made their own decision.

Flying puts you at more risk of radiation exposure than visiting a nuclear power station. But that won’t stop anyone going on a foreign holiday.

Someone somewhere is working on a blood test that will be able to detect numerous common cancers, including breast cancer. I hope they hurry up and develop it. The great thing about this is that it would detect hard to find cancers such as ovarian, pancreatic, oesophageal.

That is good news, Annie.