My Lemon Drizzle Cake For One, Cooked in A Ramekin, In My Halogen Oven

I just fancied something sweet but not too much.
I looked online for a cake recipe for one that could be cooked in my VisiCook Airchef that is an air fryer, oven and grill.
I found one for a lemon drizzle cake. I put all the ingredients into my Magimix food processor. The butter was hard so l put it in a dish on the radiator.
I mixed all the ingredients and as l didn’t have a small enough cake tin, l used a biggish ramekin.
I put it in the Halogen oven, did the washing up and decided to go into the other room to watch the Strictly results.

Then shock, horror l turned to see the butter was still on the radiator and the cake had been cooking for over 10 minutes.

There was only one thing to do… stir it into the mixture and start cooking it again! It blended in quite easily!
I left it to cook not expecting great results but towards the end of the time, l checked it and it looked great plus well risen.
It tastes absolutely lovely and is so moist… l am thrilled at the result even though there will be approx 4 small slices!
Here are the pics and the recipe for anyone who would like to try making it.
I did cook it longer than the recipe stated.
I used icing sugar for the lemon drizzle instead of granulated sugar.


I think you might be onto something. There was a recent trend to cook “deconstructed” well known dishes. You’re half way towards creating an even newer trend. Cook all the ingredients separately, and mix them together at the last second prior to serving.

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Wasn’t a similar mistake the reason flaky pastry was invented?
The cook forgot to add some of the fat and added dollops onto the pastry when it was rolled out. Then he folded it over, turned it around and added dollops of fat onto that side.

Aha. A history of cooking masterclass.

While you’re at it, I remember reading about a dish which involved stuffing a chicken inside a turkey, then stuffing this inside a pig, which was then stuffed inside something else before being stuffed in a camel, before being spit roasted. Can you remember what the missing link is?

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There’s a hole in my bucket dear Liza, dear Liza, a hole…

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When you got to the bit about the butter still sitting on the radiator while the cake was cooking, it made me laugh - it’s the sort of thing I might do nowadays! :joy: :rofl:

Glad it turned out well in the end - it looks good!
I’ve been experimenting with my air fryer - I love Lemon Drizzle Cake, so I may use your recipe to see how the 4l Tower air fryer does cakes - should I add the butter at the beginning or would you recommend your unique recipe modification?!


No Air chief here, I use my microwave to make little cakes , ginger is my favourite also lemon and chocolate. They take a couple of minutes to cook and come out light and fluffy.
The recipe looks the same, weight an egg to define equal quantities of butter/sugar/flour. I freeze what I don’t eat, reheat in the microwave and serve with custard.


Great ideas for those who prefer smaller portions. Everything turned out fine Artangel.

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Might try that myself!

Mum once left a loaf of bread to prove on the radiator then realised the classic mistake. She’d forgotten the yeast. I too, when using packet bread mix, used cold water instead of warm, so there was nothing to activate the yeast. Duh.

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