My first post here

Morning. I joined several months ago but this is my first post! Just returned from a stay with family in a hot country and am now dealing with cold, wet and windy British weather! Have picked up a cold/cough so am dealing with that along with the jet lag! Hope everyone has a lovely day


Nice to meet you and congrats on your first post, there will be no stopping you now!

Hope you feel better soon, snuggle up on the sofa with hot chocolate and a good book, it always works for me :two_hearts:

Hello Sheila, it must be a shock to your system returning from a hot country and being met by our miserable British weather. :slightly_frowning_face:

I hope you’ll feel better soon …… Spring is on it’s way! :wink:

Hi Sheila and welcome. Shame about the weather here - we are expecting in a couple days!!

Welcome Sheila and enjoy!
Wishing you a speedy recovery having just shaken off a cough myself.

I’ve still got nine left so feel free to dip in and help yourself, best be quick though knowing some of this lot on the forum :wink:

And another welcome from me ShielaP.
This is a great forum,enjoy.

welcome @SheilaP i am also a former buzz but left it few years ago as was not able to sign in after 3 months of inactivity which i thought was a silly rule so refused to sign up again, hope you like it here is a little different but am sure you will get use to it,

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Welcome to the forum, SheilaP! Hope you have a fun time here.

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Hi @SheilaP - Welcome aboard! :wave:

Hope you enjoy finding your way around OFC and soon settle in.

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Welcome from a former Buzzer.

Welcome to the forum Sheila, I look forward to reading you…

Many thanks for the welcome from you all. I am slowly finding my way around the forum (my brain doesn’t work as quickly as it used to!)

Hello SheilaP and welcome, don’t be afraid to get anything Off your chest :icon_wink: