Musical Squares (Guess The Artist And Song Title)

Top 3 Squares Contain The Artist, The Next 6 Contain The Song Title (Depending On Its Length)


1.The Cure…Love cats

3.Tears for Fears …Shout ?

  1. Amen Corner. Bend me shape me.

11…Blondie…Hanging on the telephone

  1. Sweet. Block Buster

4- Wham ~ wake me up before you go go

I think you mean 11

Cheers thanks

  1. Smokie. Living next door to Alice.
  1. Beatles. Let it be.
  1. Oasis. Champagne super nova

12 red hot chili peppers ?..

12 -Spice girls

  1. The Spice Girls — Who Do You Think You Are ( not a big fan ) :smiley:
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Well done @Roj_Blake and @Harbal


@ Feey - three Quizzes in a day! Must be a record. Thank you

10 .The Specials…Ghost Town

I thought all were answered


Not quite. :017: