Mum mortified at £115 charge for €7 bottle of Ryanair prosecco before realising mistake

Dawn spent the next 18 months sending numerous complaints and requests for a refund to Ryanair - but it turned out the £115 was the cost for her return flight to Manchester six days later and not the bottle of prosecco.

  • whoops! :joy:

Anyone choosing to ‘fly’ Ryanair should expect to be ripped off at every opportunity. Everything in life has a price and as with all budget so called deals, rip-off snags abound.
In this instance, she should have asked about the cost before agreeing for the wine to be served.

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Dont think you read the whole story

Oh Gawd, poor woman, so embarrassing when you’ve gone off on one and then realise you got it wrong! :flushed:

Nice, cheap flight though :joy:

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I know, how awkward! She’s brave for sharing her story though! I’d be hiding in a cupboard or something if it were me :joy:

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So funny as well, that they hadn’t charged her for the the Prosecco at all. Free Prosecco!

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@PixieKnuckles , She must have believed the flight cost£7
and the wine £115 ??
Poor woman !
Donkeyman! :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: