Mugged, once again. Brilliant holiday booked

I’ve just had a visit from my daughter…and I feel like I’ve been mugged.

We(my daughter, son, ex-wife and I)were hoping to go away this year for my birthday(May) but my mums health didn’t permit.

As the last 12 months and future months have been/will be so stressful for all concerned I decided to splash out a bit.
So today we’ve booked(at my expense, jeez wish I’d stayed in bed)7 days of next May at Sandals Royal Plantation in Jamaica.

Can’t wait, it’s a while since I last visited.
Really chuffed I’ll be with my kids:cool:

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Sounds brilliant Tpin.

Hope it all goes well.

Can’t wait SF.
It’s a while since I’ve spent quality time with the kids.
Everything we’ve done together, this year, seems to have been tinged with sadness.

Wow…it looks fantastic Terry,I’m sure You’ll all have a wonderful time and all Your stress will melt away,:cool:

Hope you have a lovely time tpin, anyone deserves it it’s you.

That looks wonderful Terry, perfect for relaxing and recharging your batteries :smiley:

The kids and my ex-wife have been brilliant and very supportive to their Grandma so it’s my treat to them.

I’ll just have to work harder as there’s a Butler to pay for:lol:

What really pee’s me off are the rip off travel agents.
I don’t begrudge anyone a profit but…c’mon.

I went direct to the hotel.
65% instant discount on their prices, not the travel agents.

Sounds lovely Tpin :smiley: can we all come…:mrgreen:

I’d say yes…but first I’d like to apply for a mortgage:lol:

I could do that st Euro-Disney.
The kids are a bit old for that:(

Wow the place looks beautiful Tpin.
You can’t do anything but enjoy yourselves there.

It’s good to hear that your ex has stepped up to the plate re: your mum. That takes a bit of the strain off for you too.

Hopefully I’ll be able to sneak out for a night.
A trip to Jamaica is worthless without a visit to the dance halls of Kingston.

Absolutely fantastic, Tpin. Looks amazing.
You can wind up all the Rastamen:004:

My word, what a beautiful looking place Tpin.

I hope it all goes well and you have a holiday to remember (in the nicest possible way of course). :smiley:

I love Jamaica.
Been a few times.
Last with a mate who lived there until his parents brought him here when he was 10.
They have a gorgeous house in Kingston and a weekend retreat in Montego Bay.

Of course;)

Every time I hear the word ‘Jamaica’ I always, but always, have to say…‘No but I tried!’ :smiley:

It’s the same with ‘Alaska’…I always have to say ‘And what did she say’ :-p

Sorry…I just have to go with the flow.:shock:

Looks lovely Tpin…don’t know how you can wait till next year though. I seem to remember that was the worst of booking holidays - The Wait :026:

Or the tattoo on my bit.
It reads ‘Wendy’ until aroused then it reads ‘welcome to Jamaica, have a nice day’

Guess we could have a holiday now , even sod off for a couple of months in the Winter.
Problem one was the cat, slave to a cat :frowning: Still better after the living hell of the Mother-in-Law of 95 years, incontinent both ends and the smell made me puke. Still we have at last got her into a care-home but chances are we are both too worn out and knackered to enjoy our lives now:-(.