Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud

I have lived here over 40 years and have never known anything like it

Thank goodness my kids have 4x4s


Outside the gates is nearly as bad…


Likely to be a one off ? One wonders, how is the domestic water stored reservoirs or underground with bore holes,either way they’ll have been replenished.

The dams have been full for a while now, some of Sydney flooding is because Warragamba has spilled

At least my mud was free, some young people paid a lot of money for mud on the north coast near Byron Bay.

Could you send some of that water to Lake Mead Bruce? The Americans are getting short.
As daft as it sounds…It might answer a few questions if we could send power generated by solar panels in sunny countries, to countries that don’t have much sunlight. And countries with above average rainfall could send water to the drought hit places…Remember you heard it here first… :sunglasses:

Bring your own bucket.

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