Morning Thursday 4th August 2022

Morning all!

Worked on my urgent task yesterday. Then got some rest.

Feeling very warm at the moment. I’m hoping it will cool a bit later.

Given up on predicting a relaxing day, but not much planned.

Have a glorious day everyone.


Just cleaning today and sorting out my indoor plants.

Have a good day all.

Good Morning/Afternoon all

Having a restful day today.

Good morning all, sunny here but cooler.

Just been sitting around the sea wall, then went for a very short stroll.

Nothing planned for the day.

Have a nice day all.

Good morning. My plan is to clean under the bed. Just on my second coffee, thinking about it. That’s why it needs doing… I keep thinking about it. Push me, I need to get on and do it :blush:

Good afternoon, all!

Been home a few hours after returning from a short break in Wales. Spent the entire time in the hotel and Spa and did nothing more than focus on work. It was bliss. Had my fill at breakfast and then was fine right up until supper. Worked out every day and then became a sloth in the late evening. Family seemed happy I was happy - not running against the clock to get everything done - and they did their own thing. So win-win all round.

Back to sorting the house tomorrow which needs a little more of a clear out and the garden needs weeding.

Have a good one!

Woke up early with an hangover, after a bit of a session with the Birmingham Pipe Club monthly meeting last night in Stafford. I came 9 th…in the Churchwarden Pipe competition, there was 9 smokers competing, it was a close call.
It was also an opportunity to try out my new expensive hearing aids in a crowd environment…I was impressed, so much so I nearly bought a round. I resisted the moment of madness.
Interesting point on hearing aids and insurance, I decided to contact my insurers and asked then to add them to my contents policy, which they did…they mentioned that there would be an increase to my premiums but that they were going to write it off and I was now fully insured for loss or damage. A nice surprise. It wasn’t a large amount but it was a nice gesture

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