More Cyclones, More Floods, less Bush Fires

The Bureau of Meteorology is predicting more cyclones, more rain for the next six months as the Indian Ocean Dipole and a probable La Nina bring warmer water to both sides of the continent.

Why are some people surprised that weather patterns change as time marches on? The earth’s weather and climate has changed since an oxygen rich atmosphere first formed. Our planet is gradually aging to the point when all life will be extinct, fact! Anyone who thinks that scientists will at some point will be able to control weather patterns are deluded. The forces at work where the earth are concerned are far greater than that which can be controlled by man.


More Cyclones, More Floods, less Bush Fires

You just can’t satisfy some people…

Geo engineering…Oxford Geoengineering Programme // What is Geoengineering?

Oh yes, I know all about geo-tinkering at the edges, but nobody will be able to influence anything to a greater degree that will stop the earth’s natural evolution and it’s inevitable destruction. Human beings simply have to face the fact they are finite if they stay inhabiting this planet. This is of course assuming some nation does not press the big red button which will lead to the eventual death of us all.


Well there’s a cheery thought :joy:

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Mrs LD always used to say to our children, if you want a full and logical answer, ask Dad, but if you prefer the more gentle nicer answer, ask me :wink::+1:

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Yes, men are just more direct…no frills :joy:

Oh my god. Don’t Panic! It’s started already… Is this the beginning of the end?