More chances of being scammed these days

Having read about an Australian lady who is being sued by two US companies regarding Paypal I have closed my Paypal account.

A Byron Bay woman is facing a costly legal battle in the United States after hackers used her identity to trade counterfeit sporting goods. Sarah Luke says after accessing her PayPal account, the hackers made a series of fraudulent transactions, leading to lawsuits of $1.6 million against her. Ms Luke had been among the many Australians caught up in the Medibank data breach.

Paypal seem to have had quite a few scam alerts over the years. Don’t they insure against loss to customers?

According to one TV channel, Paypal have been shedding members for also being members of some organisations Paypal do not agree with.

I closed my PayPal account a couple of years ago as I no longer sell on eBay.
Now I use a cc with a very low credit limit , making its cleared each month ,

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That’s the way to do it! I buy as much as I can on one CC that gives back (bill settled in full monthly via phone) and then once a year buy what pleases me. With most retailers requiring card payments only, it makes sense to capitalise on the system :+1::grin: