AS most know I have stood outside in the coldest of weather in winter to get a clear photograph of the moon. I thought that was hard enough not to attempt again so.
Had one of my crazy ideas on what to video using my new camcorder and tripod, and there it was this evening right above me THE MOON.
Had about 10 attempts to get it right and came up with a couple of issues, slow focus and keeping the moon centre of the video. Damn thing keeps moving, Got the tripod out and attached the camcorder , with the help of the remote zoom control which at least gave a steady zoom without me touching anything
All I have done is clip a bit off the end of the video and added a bit of music, apart from that as taken

Thought about adding a bit of contrast etc but decided to leave as shot

The little flying insect near the beginning was a brilliant touch, Realspeed, it made the video. The soundtrack was also just right. In fact, whole thing was just like the beginning of a Hollywood blockbuster. Nice job. :+1:

I have not have much success with these:

So I like a wee bit of atmosphere:



your first photo needs a bit of editing. I have had a go for you
to this

from this

can I suggest you try editing I use adobe elements, Sometimes editing is necessary to bring out the best in a photo. Then you will have more success I am sure

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I do use Adobe Elements. Clearly, I’m not as smart as you.


this should point you in the right direction at least give some idea of how to go about it. Sorry just a quick video but shows how easy it is
Always work on a copy never the original

view full screen

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thank you your comment much appreciated .

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This could well knock The Rhino Movie off its pedestal as your personal blockbuster.

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I love this!

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it is now open to view by the public it was on restricted viewing only

Outstanding photo, Besoeker! Fantastic!