Monkey catches Gull at Chester Zoo Kills and eats it

not for the faint hearted,

I’ve seen similar in wildlife programs, the monkeys or apes & I think this is an ape, band together to catch animals for the meat. Chimps do it too.

Grim those it is, I suppose it’s not any worse than the larger predators who catch and eat their victims alive. Or Hyenas and Wolves eating their prey too.
I must admit I’ve never seen a monkey do it, though.

what struck me was the Monkey went for the Gull , when it gets food from the Zoo ,so it couldnt have been hungry. Probably it was tormented by the Gull,and just had enough .

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I don’t like monkeys they are too much like us .


Possible, Eliza & then it’s instincts kicked in.


Or perhaps it just fancied fresh, warm meat?

They are quite nasty and a lot like us

Cannibalism and murder are quite common in the wild among chimpanzees :monkey::scream:


Yeah, would probably rather eat a banana.

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I just love the humour on this forum .

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We think Nature can be cruel at times but that’s just how it is.

No, but it’s one less sky rat to wreck property and attack people :+1:

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@Muddy , Yep, apes can bear malice too !!
Donkeyman! :thinking::thinking: