Mmmmmm you smell like cake

I was looking for a change of shower gel so while browsing on the shelves I came across this and nearly fell over laughing.

Do you really want to smell like you have just fell out of a Mr Kipling box.

I saw they also do a Marsh Mallow also Strawberry and Vanilla

Could we have some suggestions please.

How about Pie and Chips fragrance for the overweight male

Is there a ‘Meat & two veg’ version?

No. I think its an all over shower gel.

The Body Wash I use is called The Raspberry Kiss … and it smells lovely! :lol:

Makes sense Mags. In herbal folk lore Raspberries mean Passion, Illusion, Matters of the heart. Those old mixer uppers knew a thing or two :wink:

Thanks Solo, you learn things every day… even in our dotage! :lol:

So true Mags. For those with gardens there is a lovely way of using plants for bath time and are easy to make. Read down the article for an how to do.

:043: :023:

I love my shower gel, it is chemical and preservative free and no artificial colours and perfumes. It just smells fresh.
It’s made with organic Aloe Vera, Rosemary & Geranium mostly.

Smoky conker yoghurt flavour.

I like cake :wink:

They seem to cater for all taste these days (scuse the pun) :smiley:

Interesting site, thanks Solo :smiley:

I’m not sure these shower gels smelling of cake is such a good idea. I mean, imagine your love of your life is nuzzeling your neck and playfully biting your ear. Your thinking what a wonderful lover you have meanwhile your wonderful lover is thinking, “Oh I could just go a slice of Battenberg”

Gives a whole new meaning to those love bites you see :043: