Mike Tyson Appears To Hit Fellow Airplane Passenger

Usually not a good idea to mess with someone who used to knock people out for a living.

“To state the obvious, as one of the greatest fighters of all time, Mr. Tyson should have known not to use his hands on an overly excited fan,”
That about says it all.

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He’s just another thug!



I probably won’t make any friends saying this but regardless of Tyson’s actions however wrong, a man has only so much patience. Now I’m not saying that laying hands on another person in anger is the right thing to do, but you cannot live on planet earth and not know that Tyson has a short fuse. Tyson’s punches were very soft considering how hard that man can really punch. Even at his age. Those were love taps.

That passenger should feel lucky Tyson didn’t bite his ear off! :flushed:


That’s right. lol