Mike Graham and Dr Steve James Interview

Very interesting interview between Mike Graham and Dr Steve James today regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and the misleading information we have been getting from SAGE.

Dr Steve James was the doctor who spoke up for NHS workers when Sajid Javid came to visit his ward at Kings Hospital and told hime he disagreed with his decision to fire unvaccinated NHS staff.

Fast forward to 2:04:00

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Has anybody else got a lot of humming and sound interference on the above video?

No ?

Try refreshing your browser (F5) and try again Mups.

Just pressed F5, but it just kept asking me if I wanted to create a bookmark? :thinking:


Can you close your browser and reopen it ? Do other audio applications work like music etc ?

Just tried two music videos from the music threads, and they’re fine. It is only this one where the sound isn’t right, for some reason?

Not to worry Bread, I’ll see if anyone else has a problem before I fiddle about any more. :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S. Just discovered the music at the beginning of your video (where the newspapers are showing) is fine, but the sound goes when they actually begin talking.

you could search on Youtube for Mike Graham on 18th Jan 2022 then whizz forward to 2:04:00

See if that works for you ?

I just edited the above post. It is when they start talking the sound goes.
See what others say Bread.
Then we will know whether it is the Vid at fault, or my computer.

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No problem here,Bread…well received and heard,:+1::+1:

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That is most odd, Bread.

Their conversation was faint, and buzzing loudly all afternoon, but I have just tried one last time, and it working fine now. How odd.

Doesn’t he gabble and talk quick though!