Migraines Suck

Saturday I was in the ER for one. The treatment worked until Monday morning at which time I got another really bad one did nearly two days later it hasn’t stopped.

Imitrex. Topirimate. Quliota
They aren’t doing it.
So I tried medical weed products. THEY don’t help. WTF?!

This is absurd

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You have all my sympathy, I used to get bad ones and I can actually remember my first one, it was so bad it’s embedded in my memory, I was 11 and I genuinely thought I was dying

I think once it’s established no painkiller works and you’ve just got to get through it. If you can spot the signs, (I used to get an aura) taking painkillers before it starts can stop it developing sometimes

No way really to ease it, I used to pace up and down the room in the dark. Eventually I’d vomit and after that it would usually start to ease. Flat lemonade is a good after migraine booster and helps with dehydration

It’s worth keeping a diary to see if you can identify any triggers, mine were hormonal but chocolate and red wine didn’t help. For others it’s alcohol, caffeine, stress, dehydration, lack of sleep, seafood

There’s not many positives to the menopause but mine stopped after that!

But I can still remember that aura that used to pulse in time with the pain and just the thought of it makes me feel sick :worried:

Look after yourself, keep hydrated and try to relax through it and afterwards have some gentle days with plenty of liquids and food high in nutrients and protein

You may find you crave sugar and sometimes low blood sugar causes migraines. But resist the temptations and fill up with healthier stuff instead which will break down slowly to sugars in your body anyway

Because too much sugar after a migraine can trigger another one. I wonder if that’s what happened to you this time?

I also had hormonal migraines that stopped. I started taking magnesium citrate. When I feel a headache starting, I take it. It seems to have helped, but mine weren’t so bad that I needed painkillers.

I used to get migraines quite regularly when I was working, the result a bad combination of stress and coffee. Not had one since I retired.

I found that unless you catch the migraine coming on, pills such as ibuprofen, paracetamol, codeine or aspirins don’t work and the only cure is a dark room and to sleep it off.

One of the worst aspects I found was the visual aura which on one memorable instance, gave me temporary blindness, in that I couldn’t see anything, just swirling shapes. It happened once when I was driving and had to pull over and let the wife take over as I couldn’t see where I was going (or anything else for that matter). First time it happened, I through I was having a stroke of some kind and scared me witless. After the aura dissipated, came the throwing up being disoriented and dizzy. Luckily, I’ve not had one since I gave up work.

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Gummies containing thc just helped. I can’t tell yet if it’ll break but the pain has decreased some.
I should stop looking at the screen

Mrs mart used to suffer with awful migraines. She would have to stay in bed for days with them. After the 3rd day I’d have to insist that she ate something. That all changed when the doctor prescribed a daily dosage of Pregabalin. Used mainly for epilepsy but can also be used to prevent pain. It worked in her case. She can still get headaches sometimes and have to take a Paracetemol but nothing like the dark days of her migraine attacks.