Mid -Autum Festival tonight! Do not forget to watch the full Moon

Tonight, the full moon will be celebrated all over China, Singapore, Taiwan and many countries in Asia, :sunglasses:
It is the one and only day of the year when the moon will the biggest, brightest, roundest and fullest of the full year. No matter where you reside do not forget to admire this beautiful moon or to take an evening walk or a picnic under the Moon.

Here is the legend of the Moon Festival and the goddess ChangE.
Moon Festival

Tonight all over Asia people will be enjoying the delicious Moon cakes while drinking tea and admiring the full moon.

While children will be playing around with lanterns.


How lovely - thank you Mei.


You’re welcome! :grinning:
Do not miss it tonight it is amazingly bright here already!


Been outside to see it .


A beautiful sunset but then cloud. No moon for me tonight :frowning_face: I was ready with the camera an’ everything!


Great shot Mei!

Here’s a photo from the back of my house a couple of minutes ago:

My photo doesn’t do it justice, it looks amazing seeing it with the naked eye - you can see all the craters!


I’ve been watching the moon at mei’s suggestion for the past couple nights. Thanks mei! One night it was bright orange. The next night it was glowing white. It’s nice to look at it with awe instead of the cursory looks I normally give it.

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Never the easy to get a decent photo of the moon.the number of times I have tried I lost count of. If you get everything set up it hides behind a cloud or as in the AZZ photo atmospheric mist surrounds it.

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