Microsoft latest update

Yet again another “Balls up” by Microsoft, not just having to sign in again to Chrome but also sound had to be reset. Worst of all the wirless link to the printer had to be reset ( a right pain in the backside).
Why one earth can’t they get things right in the first place and run a Microsoft internal beta test first before release.
I strongly suspect some numpty had to fiddle to justify his/her job, there is absolutely no other reason I can think of for yet another pointless update

oh yes just spotted it would you believe?
In chrome primary is now in a nice shade of blue ! Fantastic amazing what an achievement

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The point is they release the new software and us mugs beta test it

I would use a Chromebook, or a Mac if these things persist, Realspeed. I have a Chromebook and apart from the occasional straightforward update (which takes about 2 minutes), I have had no problems at all. I am very glad to be away from Windows, I can tell you!

The problem with chrome books is they are designed to have a five year life span

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this is windows chrome not chromebook PixieKnuckles

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I know, I was just suggesting an alternative for the future, to save you stress, RS…I remember the updates and patches and it wasn’t fun.

Anything techological isn’t designed to last long these days :frowning_face:


I don’t like these types of updates at all.

They do nothing for me at all except cause problems

August 9, 2022—KB5016616 - I installed this update on 2 PCs without any issues.

For Known Issues, scroll down to:

“Known issues in this update”

Release notes.