Michael Portillo on the BBC - “It is like a polar bear on a receding piece of ice.”

Michael Portillo:

“It is like a polar bear on a receding piece of ice.”

He doesn’t believe the BBC licence fee will survive as young people had no connection to the broadcasting organisation, as they increasingly consumed their media elsewhere through their smartphones and laptops. Suggested that the channel could no longer justify its role as a public service provider.

“There’s not much evidence now on the BBC that it is performing a public service role. 

Journalist Ash Sarkar commented, BBC has to adapt or die.

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He’s right imo.

We hardly watch, as was pointed out on QT there are no art programmes on BBC, a huge mistake.

We’ve watched a number of arty type programmes on BBC4.

My TV viewing is mostly on other stations with the BBC offerings rarely considered. It would not be quite so bad if they offered a +1hr to each of their Freeview channels, but they do not and that alone in my opinion is NOT considerate to the licence fee payers. Yes, I could record a few offerings, but to be honest there is very little I would consider recording when better programmes IMHO are offered elsewhere that I do record.

I do watch a lot of BBC programs, the ads in the other channels really p me off, but it would be good if they did do plus ones on BBC1 & 2.

The BBC don’t care if you watch their progs they still get your money and their license fee regardless whether you watch them or not so they put on any crap they want to and they don’t listen to your complaints either.

I watch very little TV but most of what I do watch is BBC.

No doubt Portillo/Cinderella is right about young people …

they increasingly consumed their media elsewhere through their smartphones and laptops.


The bbc are constantly trying to attract young, diverse viewers & listeners but they don’t seem to realise they are not interested. We always had Radio4 on in our house but these days it is full of LGBT, unfunny humour and stories about minorities.

I’m not a great fan of the multi-coloured mincer but he is correct.

Same here Tiff, all the adverts ‘do my box in’ so I also watch quite a bit of stuff on the BBC but it’s mainly travel programmes I watch and tend to steer away from the news, question time and the topical comedy shows. I used to really enjoy Have I got News and Mock the Week until they started pushing an agenda. I’m even getting peed off with David Attenborough who likes to stick his oar in about climate change at least ten times on each documentary. He’s recently been challenged about some mis information and situation ‘Set ups’ he’s been associated with…Naughty Boy…:018:

No BBC means no 6MUsic, a radio station that I waited most of my life to come along. If that went, along with other radio stations it would be a national calamity of gargantuan proportions. So much would be lost that no commercial organisation would be willing to duplicate.
A perennial problem with Tory governments is that they know the price of everything and the value of nothing. The BBC, alongside its ongoing broadcasting, is a de facto repository of a unique cultural archive. If that were to be split up or, even, lost, it would be a massive tragedy.

I coud see a way forward for the BBC if it was to merge the IPlayer, the Sounds app and Britbox into one unit, along the lines of Now TV. Doubling the Britbox subscription would take its cost up to something comparable (slightly less in fact) to the TV License fee and similar to Netflix’s subscription.
I know I’d subscibe.

I like David Attenborough he can do no wrong in my mind.:slight_smile:


I’m getting really bored with the whole attack on the BBC led by the Government it seems. Really disgusted that they are being pushed into a corner where they have to charge more and then being beaten up for charging more. Absolutely ridiculous and amazed that so many here join in. They have over the years produced some excellent programmes. It’s like the state led spin just winds people up like clockwork toys these days.

It’s actually the other way round Annie, it really came to a head over brexit when they should have been truthful and unbiased with their news reports and they are still at it. How many people are aware of the serious rioting taking place in France and most other european capitals. They are biased by their omission.

They are doing everything in their power to undermine Boris and this government and should be slapped down to size. I have always been proud of the BBC but recently they are almost commiting treason with their interference in politics.

It is called the ‘British’ broadcasting company but fails to represent the majority of people in this country. The governors of the BBC should be cleared out, sacked and replaced with people who won’t use their power to spread propaganda and mischief.

This. :023:

I watch very little on the BBC now. Marge likes ‘Silent Witness’ on BBC1; I’ll watch the occasional scientific programme on BBC4, but that’s about it.
We used to watch Question Time, but that is now so obviously left-wing biased it’s a joke and not worth the effort.

The one and only advantage of any BBC programme is that there are no annoying adverts. Having said that, they always seem to advertise themselves and their forthcoming programmes, which is just as boring.

Most importantly, and what annoys me the most, is that we are obliged to pay the TV Tax even if we never watch any BBC programmes. That is totally unacceptable, and I have considered doing what apparently many people do these days: just don’t pay the licence fee and tell them that you don’t, or can’t, watch live TV.

I understand that you are not obliged to let their snoopers into your homes, though I believe that can apply for a court order to enter. Even so, with a bit of warning, I could quite easily disconnect the aerial lead from the wall socket and pretend that there never has been one! I suppose I’d also have to hide the two recorder boxes as they’d be a bit of a give away. We have an Amazon Fire stick which, I understand, does not require a TV licence.

:023: :023:

Dumped my TV in 2003 - I am happy watching DVDs and at the ‘Repeats’ are my own choice!

Brexit schmexit! The BBC have been around since before the EU and since the beginning of time here. Why is everything these days about Brexit?! It’s like the country is possessed!

The BBC has changed. If you’ve been watching it for as long as I have, you’d know that yourself.