Michael Gove Harangued by Mob

It would seem that the recent stabbing to death of David Amess has been soon forgotten. Like him or loathe him, Michael Gove should be free to walk about freely, but yesterday, while he walked through Westminster, he was surrounded by a hate-filled mob of anti-vaxxers jostling him and shouting obscenities at him. One of the protesters managed to get in his face before police finally acted and hustled him away while keeping the mobs at bay. Peaceful protest? Pfff…

No mention of this on the BBC you will notice.

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I would not expect the BBC to do anything but ignore such behaviour. As usual, they’ll hang back until the complaints roll in hourly and then grudgingly give it a mention in some bulletin or another. It really is time for the BBC to loose its public funding!


I think this is same incident - my AdBlock prevents me reading the Mail:

23 hours ago

Downing Street has condemned a group of demonstrators who confronted Michael Gove in the street outside his department. A No 10 spokesman said “threatening and abusive language cannot be tolerated”.

Video footage circulating on social media shows the housing secretary being harangued by anti-lockdown protesters.

The Metropolitan Police said no arrests were made, but it would be reviewing the footage that has been posted online. The force added that the incident occurred during a protest march its officers had been escorting through Westminster.

A No 10 spokesman said: “It is unacceptable for those who disagree to target individuals. Their behaviour is abhorrent. We expect the police to take this behaviour seriously.”


Considering this has been read by 22 members and there are no comments, I am starting to get the impression some members are perhaps leaning towards agreeing with the confrontation.

They put up a gallows outside Westminster today


Blimey!!! How was that allowed in the first place …what has this once proud country come to, eh?

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I don’t agree with it, nor do I agree with the anti-vaxxers. I just think harassing an individual isn’t right. For all I don’t like the government, he is only trying to do his job (for good or for bad), and giving him grief isn’t exactly going to change his mind about it, really.


That I can agree wholeheartedly with. Very soon and before winter arrives, I will be yet another person to stop paying the TV Licence fee, in favour of a different way of viewing.

I don’t much like Michael Gove but don’t agree with confrontations like this either. It seems there are ever more people prepared to do exactly what they want in order to make their point known. I just hope they are taken through the legal system and receive appropriate punishment. Although even the levels of punishment need to be more harsh, offenders get away almost scot-free these days, hence I believe the levels of crime now so common in this country. How long do we have to tolerate this lack of appropriate punishment before somebody gets the message?


Perhaps confusion between stated anti-lockdown and anti-vaxxers might have something to do with it? Facts are a wonderful thing!!

The more I read, the more I think Britain is a broken society, Thatcher started this. It is very sad. Is there a way back?

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Aren’t they one and the same?

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Until society as a whole can rip itself away from the deep capitalist and those who want to live by the something-for-nothing mentality, I cannot see a way through the fog of unrest. It was not Thatcher’s fault that unions put strangleholds on progress nor was it hers that many woke up to this; she simply took on some unions and brought the niggles in the wood pile to the fore.

So they did report it on the BBC then?

You’ve got to separate how you feel about Gove from how you feel about the incident, I think

I despise Gove and everything he stands for

But how terrifying it must have been for him to hear these people running after him and then to be surrounded

Anyone of them could have had a knife

Doing this to a human being is bullying, really and people should have a bit more common sense and decency It doesn’t matter what political side you’re on

I’m not quite sure what offence they’ve committed when it comes to arrests and punishments?

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All cops and journalists, what chaos.



I detest Gove, he is a lying, two faced git who holds us in contempt.

The place for protest is in the Ballot Box, it is not threats.

I don’t agree with it, but I didn’t realise I had to register or announce my feelings publicly. Besides, it seems that you are more interested in somehow making this about the BBC than you are in the incident itself.

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@ Brucy, l couldnt agree more about UK society Brucy ,
But l noticed that there were a dozen cops lurking in the
neighbourhood ready to intervene. at just the right time ??
Donkeyman! :thinking::thinking:

@Maree , Harassment ??
Donkeyman! :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Is it just me or does he remind you of TinTin?


And this one - LOOK - It’s Gollum!

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