Michael Gove could become Home Secretary

Micael Gove could be promoted to Home Secretary as Boris Johnson finds himself frustrated with Priti Patel’s performance in the role, according to reports.



The Prime Minister is unhappy with the number of people making the life-threatening journey over the Channel in small boats, with PA data finding more than 10,000 people have completed the journey this year.Downing Street says the crossings are “unacceptable” but has faced accusations of failing to have a proper plan in place.

The UK Government’s Nationality and Borders Bill, which makes knowingly arriving in the UK without permission a criminal offence, passed its second reading before parliamentary recess.

Priti Patel’s legislation will give Border Force officers powers to turn around boats carrying migrants and use “reasonable force, if necessary”. Sources told the Daily Mail that despite this imminent law change, the Prime Minister is unhappy with the Home Secretary’s work. They claimed Johnson told one minister: “What the f*** is the Home Office doing? When is she going to sort this out?”

The source added: “Michael and Boris are close again – with Rishi [Sunak, the Chancellor] starting to flex his muscles in Cabinet more, it is useful for Boris to have Michael back as an ally. The Home Office is a demanding job, but Michael has the brain power and the work ethic to cope with it.”

A source close to Gove told the newspaper that he is “totally focused” on his work in the Cabinet Office, which involves “strengthening the Union”.

A spokesperson for Number 10 said: “We don’t comment on reshuffle speculation.”

Obviously, rumours are flying now that BJ has finally realised, despite his “fondness” for her, that Priti “Useless” Patel just isn’t up to the job … :disappointed:

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I “could” be made King too.
Just sayin’.

God help us all if he takes on the role with the same insight and MO as he used at the DfE.

Have never recovered from his claim that all children should be able to be above average.


Please no.


I agree with Bread.

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Looks like Gavin Williamson is out as well and Raab could be out.

The lunatic truly will be running the asylum. As forensic mental health services come under Home Office control.

Friends said the bookish Cabinet minister, 53, and journalist Sarah, 54, had drifted apart after 20 years together and no one else was involved.

They are selling their four-bed home in Kensington, West London, through a local agent which boasts the property “oozes style”.

Photos show its quirky wallpaper and living room with a full bookcase, which includes ex-PM Margaret Thatcher’s autobiography and a biography of Hitler.

The listing says the house has two floors of living/entertaining space with two bedrooms above, the biggest having another library. The home also has a walled garden.

Clearing the decks … :wink:

See the door? See the number? … 10

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