Metal with your juice?

Fruit juice drinkers should beware :point_down:
Some soft drinks and fruit juices contain alarming levels of toxic metals (

That article links to:

Toxic metals and essential elements contents in commercially available fruit juices and other non-alcoholic beverages from the United States

Sample collection and preparation

A total of 60 beverage samples purchased from local supermarkets/retail stores in New Orleans, Louisiana, were refrigerated and homogenized, then transferred to 30 mL acid precleaned (1N HNO3 and 1N HCl) polyethylene sampling vials.

Funding source

Start-up fund of the first author made this undergraduate students’ class project possible for the course *Environmental Pollution and Health Biomarkers (SPHU 3100; Spring 2022).

Although the report appears authoritative, with massive amounts of references, it seems to be the work of a group of students at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, so I would view its “alarming” conclusions in that context.


Also from the article,

If the metals are in the soil, wouldn’t that apply to everything grown in that soil? Why did they pick on fruit juices?

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If you read anything in food or drink you should not take then you would starve to death. This type of report usually examines the minutest anti “should not take” material. if checked it further normally you would have to drink a swimming pool full or eat the equivilant of millions of mouthfulls before it caused any heath proplems in a person who does not suffer from anything. It had to come from an American article of course, say no more