Mental health resource in the UK

I’ve been listening to a podcast by George Ezra (musician) and his good friend Ollie MN. The idea of the podcast is for two friends to check in on each other weekly and ask about each other’s mental health.

George Ezra has said that he has Pure O (OCD without the compulsions) and Ollie MN has anxiety and panic attacks. The podcast is called Phone a Friend with George Ezra and Ollie MN. In the 6th Sept, 2020 episode called Read all about it they read an email from a listener who said she worked at IAPT (also called Talking therapies) in the UK. It’s an organization that helps people find mental health services and is covered by NHS.

I’m posting it here in case anyone might be interested in the service.

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I wonder if this is similar, or connected, to this.

You can use this service to help deal with stress or depression, without having to go through your GP and get a referral… (a self-referral is a big plus in the UK) …

What if someone has a moment in a third world environment, what support structure would there be there?

You mean like in the UK?

To a lesser degree.

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De-stressed people may be in short supply at the moment. :bike:

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