Memory card recording time

This may not apply to all but does to my Panasonic HC-X1500 camcorder

Reading the manual the max size SD memory card for the above is 128GB, this is incorrect. My aim was to record on two cards similtanuously using 2x 256 Sandisk SD memory cards. Today the second card arrived so at last I can actually do my own check. Yes they do work together giving me 5hr 40 minuits of recording time or as in follow on mode 11HR+ recording time . The battery that comes with the above should last estimated about 6 hrs or there abouts as well, but I do have backup on that as well.

You do realise that there are no SD standards for memory cards larger than 128Gb don’t you?

That would be why Panasonic gave that as the maximum size to employ SDUC standard.

Anything over 128Gb and you’re on your own.

This is why I got cards that matched each other exactly . Also if I had a problem my Nikon D,810 takes that size card anyway

Personally I think it is a mistake to have large SD cards for cameras. In my opinion you are better off with carrying and using many smaller cards. It might cost a tiny bit more but the chance of losing important data is less and you have a spare if the existing cards fail.

The camera has to work harder with large cards transferring data to the end of what is essentially a sequential memory.

The advantage with smaller cards is that each night you can transfer all the day’s shooting to a HDD or computer and put in a fresh SD card for the next day. Are you ever likely to film 5 hours of video in one day? even 1 hour a day?

Bruce I got these so I have plenty of memory for the holiday also not sequential but similtanuously recording incase to missed that in my previous post

I know that, I am merely suggesting reasons why it is not a good idea to have all your eggs in one or two very large baskets.