Me, me, me.

In the six years that I’ve been in my flat, I have spoken no more than a few words to my neighbour who lives upstairs. In the last two weeks, however, I have had two proper conversations with him. The first was when he came and asked if I had a bike pump he could borrow, and the second was when he just happened to be passing, and I just happened to be outside.

He knows the local area better than I do, and as I recently bought a bike, I am keen to learn about all the paths and off road tracks in the locality, so that is what I tried to talk to him about. All he seemed to want to talk about was the medication he was on for his mental problems and his previous suicide attempts. I will probably try to avoid him in future if all he wants to do is talk about himself.

People like him are why I never bother with my neighbours. I haven’t time or inclination to listen to a stranger’s problems.

Me neither, Tachyon. I don’t trouble anybody with my medical problems, and all I ask in return is that they don’t trouble me with theirs. :018:

Its good to talk.

I will talk to anyone, regardless, I even talk to my Bikes.

I don’t mind people talking; it’s only when they talk to me that I don’t like it.

Have you named your bike, Spitty? Its only polite to address it by name if you chat to them.

The trouble is some people just want to deliver a monologue to you, whereas I consider a “talk” to be an agreeable exchange of pleasantries. I’m not their friend nor am I a paid therapist who is obliged to listen to their uninteresting monologues.

Yes that’s the thing…as soon as they have your attention, its like a free pass to explode their life all over you. :shock:

I like your attitude, Tachyon. :023:

I will usually listen to someone, but it does depend who it is, and how long they go on for.

Sometimes a person needs to unload, and a stranger can be easier to talk to than someone emotionally involved, like family.

If it gets uncomfortable, you can always look at your watch and say - “Sorry, I have to be somewhere” and leave.

What a brilliant way of putting it; I’m going to write that down. :024:

A million and one reasons now. :slight_smile:


Me me me

Never though of that before, Not.:lol:

I’m not assertive enough, Mups, I just put up with it and seethe about it afterwards. :mad2:

I agree with your points - you seem to be good at that.
Yes, sometimes people need to unload. My dear wife is good at helping with that.

Thank you Besoeker.
Unless you are truly in a rush, it shouldn’t be too hard to spare just a few minutes for someone.

Perhaps you could suggest some more effective methods of suicide to him.

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I’m not qualified to give that sort of advice, Psmith, he needs to speak to an expert. Besides, I don’t want him coming complaining if my suggestions don’t work.

I usually get random strangers in the street who tell me their life story but don’t let me butt in at any time!

I don’t mind if l have time but the worst was the woman stranger who was passing me whilst l was standing at a bus stop. Not satisfied with talking to me for the 10 minutes or so until my bus came, she decided to get on the bus with me for the 50 minute journey.
She never stopped and l was too polite to say, ‘Shut up, you’re boring and l don’t know these people you’re yapping on about’!

We got to my destination, she got off the bus, walked across the road and got on a bus back to where she’d come from!!

Can you all stop talking about this now please because I’m bored with it and I need to get to bed! :mrgreen: