Me in northern Ireland

I went to my best mans wedding a couple of years before mine. This was me outside Stormont parliament buildings in belfast! 1970


If that photo was taken on a weekday I may have seen you, as I worked in the office with the window on the extreme right of the first floor.

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If you did you would have gone weak at the knees with my good looks

I remember you now - I had to have a lie down!

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your horizontal position was not my fault

You are Matt Allwright, I used to see you all the time when you worked at Television Centre.

who you on about? I have never been to the televison centre. Another client for spec savers

That’s a nice photo both of you and the surroundings.

thank you. Yes a few of us went over to northern Ireland for Graham and Audrey.s wedding. I have know him until recently for many years. This was right at the time of the IRA bombings. Where they had their reception a few weeks later was blown up and so was the local newspaper office near where we were staying with her relatives. Sue was not part of my life back then
This photo is actually grabbed from a 35mm stills photo and I have managed to convert to digital to post on here. That is me in my “cool and casual” pose

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Thanks for sharing it.
It clearly has sentimental value also. :grin: