McDonalds CEO: Robots won’t take over our kitchens

McDonald’s CEO says that robots won’t become commonplace in the franchises anytime soon because changes in infrastructure would have to happen before then. It’s obvious they’re thinking about it though, since he seems to know what would have to happen and how much it would cost.

He also said that digital sales are up from their app. He sees that as an opportunity for future growth.

Also, you might see more chicken on the menu.

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Yes, he thought about it and figured it isn’t cost effective (at the moment)

Poor chickens though, does that mean they will be more intensively farmed?

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Exactly! The commenters on that article said you can add . . . yet. . . to the end of each of that CEO’s statements.

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Could their chickens be more intensively farmed?
Have they made any improvements to their animal welfare policy regarding chickens since this article was written in 2019?

There’s no chance of me ever eating McDonalds food, whether it’s prepared by a robot or a human.
Every time I read articles about the appalling conditions in which some animals reared for consumption are kept, I want to weep or vomit.

I’m so glad I have never wanted to eat these poor creatures.

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Oh I doubt chickens welfare is ever a priority over making money, Boot. I haven’t eaten a McDonalds for well over a decade, and I never would again.

I noted your edit…I would say that given the huge battery sheds that span some fields up here, that we aren’t any better at making chickens feel ok. I don’t eat eggs or chicken and I really wish more people wouldn’t. :frowning_face: Chickens are sentient beings - I grew up with a small flock as a child and they are lovely little birds.

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I agree, Pixie - different countries have different rules on the number of birds per square metre etc but it’s not so much about “better” conditions but more a case of the “least worst”

I never eat chicken (or any meat)
I only have eggs from local folk who keep a few hens in good conditions and give away or sell any surplus to their friends and neighbours.
There’s quite a few folk in this rural community who do that.


Ahh…so no robots but a higher price? Feeling the pressure now…but y’know what, 14 years is a long time at the same price, so that’s fair. Still not buying them though.

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If they are replaced with robots where will the under 18s find employment? Can’t see it (yet)

Our local Co-op has started using little white robots on wheels for delivering local groceries now.
Every time I go out, there are one or two of these peculiar things whizzing round the streets.
I saw one a few days ago that had got itself stuck on a deep kerb and was half on the pavement and half in the road!

I really must try and get a picture to post and show you.


and we wouldn;t want broken fingers in the chips serves now would we?

We are the replacement robots. McDonald’s has been trying to hire people 50 and over because they can’t find teenagers to do the jobs filled by automation but older people are now taking roles in the franchise. 11% of McDonald’s workers are 50 and older.

This article is from 2018 so I don’t know if covid has affected this strategy.

Wouldn’t happen here you can be sure of that, no one would employ a 50 year old in such a job unless they were really desperate for labour.

Wages and conditions here are regulated, once you are 21 you have to be paid the full adult award wage for a specific job. Under 18 a person get 60% of the adult wage, between 18 and 21 they get 70% of an adult wage.(Those figures are from memory but I think they are still correct where the award doesn’t specify a wage).

Maccas, Pizza Hut, Dominos, Hungry Jack etc always employ under 18s, they are the cheapest labour and working in a service industry also looks good on their CV when they go for a “proper” job.

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