Max a couple of years ago

Him and my hard hat.

And a parrot.


Is that you Besoeker? have you and the parrot had a falling out? :joy: There isn’t much being said between the two of you!

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I was looking at a few photographs - well several thousand - and that one amused me. It was giving a right telling off at Max! It is by The Grand Union Canal.


That is so funny! What did Max do, if anything?

My dog found an escaped budgie once. in some trees at the park. I tried to catch it, but it wouldn’t come to me…obviously scared of the barking. Such a shame. I got some kids to try and help, but they gave up after 5 minutes.

I’m quite not sure what Max made of it. I told him just to behave .
The area is a joy. We miss it. My dear wife visited her osteopath there while, a 50-mile round trip while I took Max on his jaunt.


Yes but parrots is not I would associate with it though :slight_smile:

Max is so adorable Visitor.
It’s lovely to ‘see’ you as well :hugs:

My new mouse mat! This was Max at Houghton Hall Park about three years ago.


Max is a handsome dog and it is obvious that he is happy and content. I bet he is your best friend ! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

That he is but, as have said before, the most important thing is his lovely temperament.

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How lovely, Besoeker. Did you make it yourself?

I took the photographs but my wife got the mat from a printing company. I think it was just £4.

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Oh this is such a lovely idea, Besoeker! He’s a real poser isn’t he :joy: Seems to have a fascination with trees and bushes, haha!

Ah, thank you. It is a nice park especially around the trees and it allowed Max to roam quite freely. At the end of the stroll we enjoyed a cup of coffee at the cafe which was dog friendly. We miss it since we moved up to Yorkshire but now we have the Roman Ridge which is also pleasant.