Manhunt: The Night Stalker

Great series and what a versatile actor Martin Clunes is.


Not seen it yet…its on my to view list :slight_smile:

One of my neighbours watched all three episodes of this and said it was really good - but - another said it left her totally confused!

Well worth watching made even better by the lack of over the top politically correct casting so beloved by certain broadcasters.:smiley:

I watched it too and was very well actored, I remember the case when it was happening and it reaching the news .
It also showed what can be done when the Police have enough money and men on the ground .

I watched it too and was impressed by the acting. However, I was shocked to hear that the night stalker could have been caught more than 10 years earlier except that there had been a muck up with his DNA reading and it wasn’t on the police data base! What an appalling thing to happen - all of those poor elderly folk who were abused in those 10 years makes me angry on their behalf.

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I’ve only 2 words for this series: Astoundingly brilliant.
Casting: Excellent
Writing: Excellent
Proper edge of the seat stuff.

There’s a follow up documentary programme (a sort of “meet the people” type of programme) next week about the main people that were involved in the case. It’s on next Thursday evening 9pm: The Real Manhunt: The Night Stalker | Radio Times

We too were appalled to hear that there were almighty cock-ups made by the police early on in the stalker’s reign of terror. He got 27years in 2011, that means he could be out in about 4-5 years time if he’s been a good lad while inside unless those that make the decisions decide to keep him locked up for longer.

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Wasnt it good…excellent in fact. Such good acting and because it was based on real life I thought it was very scary too…when they caught him and he started talking about cricket I thought maybe they got the wrong man but then when they took his finger prints and he told the lady police officer he always wore gloves…it sent shivers down my spine. Seriously scary…brilliant TV.

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I was very impressed by the Martin Clunes, as I tend to see him as a humorous actor, but in this he was so natural it could have been what really happened!

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V read in the TV guide that the DCI has so many stories like this that there is talk of adapting more of them for TV mini-series. I really do hope they do make some more.

I agree.
It was compelling viewing and Martin Clunes played his part of Colin Sutton brilliantly - in this Manhunt series and the previous one about Levi Bellfield.

I think he’s a brilliant and versatile actor.

Yes I watched it too. Excellent programme in all respects, especially Martin Clunes’ acting abilities. I remember he was excellent when he did ‘Goodbye Mr Chips’, which I enjoyed more than the original film with Robert Donat, and I loved that one.

You know, that really pee’d me off finding that out Boot. I hadn’t realised it was a series and there had been a previous one. Damn and blast. Still, hopefully it will be repeated at some point. (I don’t have catch up or whatever it’s called, so I’ll have to wait)

Just watched the documentary on the hunt for this and to things struck me which is more of a reflection on the society we live in.
The first was a reporter saying that editors were not intersted in crimes against the elderly, that they were more interested in appealing to the young with celebrity stories.

The other was the black police association officer who played the racism card because black me were being targeted to give a DNA sample even though the sample they had of the perpetrator clearly showed him to be a black guy of Caribbean origins.

Yes Mr Fraggle i saw it too and I was angered that the black representative was more worried about the feelings of black men being hurt at having to give DNA samples than catching this vile man.

I remember when the police in Yorkshire were hunting the Yorkshire Ripper men queued up to give samples …what a time to play the race card.

It happens all too often in society these days, people are so scared to be accused of bieng, racist, homophobic, transphobic etc etc they do not say anything.


We watched the documentary too. I think the police got off lightly considering the almighty cock-up with the DNA at the very beginning. I am also very happy to cancel my suggestion that Grant could be out in 4-5 years time. It seems that, as he has never admitted his guilt, he will serve every single day of his 27½yr sentence (still not long enough as far as I’m concerned).

Oh, it’s a shame you missed it, Pesta.
I don’t think you need to have “catch up” on your TV to view it if you want to see it.
You can watch it via a tablet/laptop/computer screen if you have an internet connection. That’s how I used to watch “catch up TV” when I had an old TV.
You do have to register with ITV to watch it, but it’s free

Anyway, here’s a link to the ITV Page for the Series, in case you want it.

ITV Manhunt Series 1

Thanks Boot :023:

Just watched it and it was brilliant acting but shocking in reality.

He was known as a good family man and liked by many . What makes a human act like that . Why , I cant get my head around it . To acuse his own son too.

The police blunder is dreadful