Manage Your Gas & Electricity Price Increases?

I just received my British Gas warning that, from April Fool’s Day (The fool is the voter) my Annual Gas Charge will go up, from £904.99 to 1551.12, that’s £643.13 more, per year, while the Electricity Charge will go up from £1051.91 to 1594.34, which is an increase of £435.43, per year.

I wonder how much other UK people are being forced to pay?

I guess we’ll all be looking at ways to cut back.

My abode is, already, double glazed, and 4 bedrooms are shut down from heating.
Not much to save, there!

I’m measuring the amount of fuel used by devices on standby, but that looks like peanuts, when measured.

Moving House would be an option - but would cost more, overall, than the savings for what time I have left.

Any good ideas?


Crikey! Electric bill of over $3000 per year? What on earth do you use it for? My electric bill is about $900 a year (I don’t have gas or solar)

Get solar panels on every square inch of the roof is my only suggestion.

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We need rain driven power supplies for most of the year.


Yes, Solar panels used to be a good idea, when you were allowed to sell any excess to others, and when there was some incentive to pay for the change.

With only 3 or 4 years left, not an option.

As I wrote on the other energy thread our annual gas and electric bill is going up from £609 to £897. No panic here.

Certainly a big worry here, especially for those on Government Pensions, etc.

Any Country should be trying to be self sufficient, building Power stations, etc., we’re far too Woke for that!


@Tedc , The three to four years you speak of Ted is obviously an
optimistic estimate??
What if it turns out you have to soldier on another ten years!!
I received an E-on e mail notification yesterday, so far l haven’t had the
courage to open it!!
Do you think they are trying to make us take out equity release on our property??
That seems to be the only way out to me ??
Donkeyman! :-1::frowning::-1:

Just turning off the four outside security lights.

One of them is 300 watts, but they only come on when triggered by something/someone coming up the drive (shared drive with 4 houses) and only stay on, when triggered, for 5 minutes.

Will track the usage.

Already 86, DM! so any more than 3 or 4 years likely to be in a care home (ugh!)

Someone on Jeremy Vine show said it was time to re-Nationalise gas & electricity, and I can see a case for that, even though it was mismanaged way back when.

One good thing about the smart meter, in here, is that you can track what’s going on & try various options whilst seeing the effect on the meter.

Mind you, it might turn out that my problem IS the Smart meter, I’m hoping some comparisons get put up on here!

Send a copy to your MP and require her/him to allot a portion of your massive 3.1% pension increase to pay the monthly increase, and also point out all the other payment increases you are supposed to find from your state pension🤬 I would also ask the MP how much extra they claim as permitted expenses for heating cost supplement, warning them you are willing to probe via the FOI act if necessary.


I have bedroom radiators turned off and bathroom on low unless I shower . I have a blanket on the sofa and I’m trying to keep heating in lounge to 18 in the day and 20 ar night . Heating goes off at 8pm unless friends here. My house is little . I’m worried too


I think we all should be worried to some extent as the government’s £200 for electric is only a loan and will be clawed back as the years pass🤬

@Tedc , So l am in the same boat as you Ted, l will be 86 this November .
So far we are getting by on just my state pension and my wife’s which is
only a half pension due to not paying enough graduated payments, and we
have a small savings account which is stopping us from claiming any of
this universal credit everybody talks about ??
This next winter should be interesting as we allready only run the central
heating for a maximum of 4hrs a day and l have limited the amount of
showers we take also, the bath is only for show now as it takes too much
water, which is also becoming too expensive !!
Meantime parliament is being projected to cost an extra £20 Billion to
renovate, and the £30 Billion cost of the track and trace will be written off !?!?
Can you believe that a computer app costs five times more than one of our
new aircraft carriers ??
I give up!!
Donkeyman! :sob::sob:


I got a two year fixed contract last April so I am good for another year.


@MrFraggle67 , Let’s hope theynstick to that then??

@Donkeyman I believe that they are legally obliged to. :grinning:

This is what they are saying:-

"You may have seen lots in the news about the energy market and the sharp rise in energy costs. We need to let you know that as a result of these continuing increases in the cost of wholesale energy and a highly turbulent market, Ofgem is raising the level of the energy price cap from 1st April.

These considerable changes in gas, electricity rates and standing charges mean the estimated annual energy bill will rise by an average of 54%. This is an estimated figure - every household will be different depending on the amount of energy used and how you pay. See below for more detailed information on how this will affect your costs."


My Supplier went bust, so I was transferred to Octopus on a variable Tariff

My bills have more than doubled already and there is far more to come…

I’ve started a project, out of interest, to find out how much I can save by doing certain (obvious) things.

I’ve turned off the Front & Side floodlights.

I’m, also, turning off the PCs whenever I go walk abouts.(200-300 watt power supplies) although they should be low usage in standby mode!

Stopped using those automatic set up room lights (which we were advised to set up to come on automatically via WiFi)

The CH will, shortly be off for a longer than usual summer spell.

Showers, daily, instead of Baths - well mentioned whoever said this!

Already have low wattage bulbs (but suspicious as to whether they actually work)

Life has to change, for the project, anyway!

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I have a Valor gas fire 4 years old in my lounge . For those who know about these things may I ask a question please.

Would it be cheaper to turn my gas fire on and heat my lounge rather than use my central heating. I know the rest of the house will be colder but at least I’d be snug in the lounge . I’m not sure which is the most economical .


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