Making use of an old box

I had an accident with the inside of my jewellery draw so had to re-organise it.
What do you reckon to my earring container?

It’s a Ferrero Rocher box I was just about to throw away.

It’s done the job nicely. Waste not - want not ?

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This wasn’t my first choice of title. I had to chose about six before it accepted this.

I nearly gave up - it’s not easy posting a new thread on here!!

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Oh yes, Ferrero Rocher boxes are very useful
I scrounge them off my wife & daughter and use them for my model aeroplane paints - various boxes for RAF WW2, Luftwaffe, USAF, metallic colours, and so on

A new box. Gifts from my girl. We don’t have a use for it yet. It’s about 16 inches.

You can say that again .
Your box looks great I feel guity now for that sad state of my own drawers .

My earrings are in a shocking state , Its obvious Im not eatting enough chocolate :mini:


Once I’ve eaten my FRs, I hope to use the box to store coffee sachets. They are currently stuffed inside an old coffee jar, with no room.

So it’s actually not new but pre-dates metrication then? :wink:

I find ice cube trays very handy for holding small screws, parts, springs etc when dismantling things and when you have finished the tray can go back in the kitchen cabinet (or the freezer).

Actually I would imagine they would work well for ear rings etc and less flimsy than a chocolate container.

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Ahem! What are we talking about now?

What a novel idea :bulb:

My drawers need some work but unfortunately, I didn’t receive any FR chocolates for Christmas. You’ve inspired me to try set up my jewellery collection today. :hugs:

Well, my wife likes inches because she is from USA…

And i use Fr box foe birthday cards,i have 2 on the go.
One for males and one for females.